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Platform(s)Binance Smart Chain
ReleaseMay 2021

SafeBlast is a multichain cryptocurrency token launched on the BNB Chain, previously known as the Binance Smart Chain. The token is available in both Utility and Deflationary varieties. As a utility token, BLAST can be directly used to purchase products and services anywhere; they are accepted worldwide. As a deflationary token, the autonomous yield and liquidity generation functionality of SafeBLAST is exclusive to the BNB blockchain.[1][2] When someone buys or sells BLAST tokens on the decentralized PankcakeSwap market on the BNB Chain, the total supply of BLAST tokens in circulation decreases.[3]

SafeBLAST (BLAST) is listed on the following respected Cryptocurrency exchanges: ProBit, DigiFinex, HotBit, PancakeSwap, and many others.


SafeBLAST (BLAST) was launched in May 2021. The slogan of SafeBLAST, "Faster Than A Rocket," is derived from the phrase "Rocket Blast," meaning "to quickly rise in project development." SafeBLAST (BLAST) launched without presale, donations, or initial coin offerings (ICO). The anonymous founder is believed to reside in Florida, the USA, and funded the project launch, including the original liquidity pool. The current Operations manager of the SafeBLAST project is a game developer in Colorado, USA. The core team is decentralized and located around the globe.[4][5]

The BLAST token has a bridge to the Ethereum, Cronos, Polygon, and other Blockchains. No new BLAST tokens are made when existing tokens are moved from one Chain to another. The project's Whitepaper says that no one owns the smart contract for the BLAST token. It is a community-driven project with a renounced contract held by the "Dead" (Burn) wallet.[6][7][8]

On April 5th, 2022, the SafeBLAST founder donated 500 Billion BLAST Tokens to St. Jude Children's Hospital to help support the research and cure for Childhood cancer.[9][10]

While some big deflationary token projects announced version two (V2) to reduce circulating supply, SafeBLAST adopted a different approach. SafeBLAST burned extra tokens manually to ensure all holders kept theirs. As of November 2022, 828 Trillion BLAST tokens have been burned, representing 82% of its original maximum supply.[11]

SafeBLAST (BLAST) ranked second on CoinMarketCap's list of the top crypto projects for Q3 2021. SafeBLAST's founder called the expansion "bootstrap tough" SafeBLAST is the #1 "dark horse" deflationary token with over 100,000 Holders.[12][13]


The deflationary function, "tax" fees, and automatic reward distribution are unavailable on any blockchain except the BNB Chain. The founder of the token does not have control over the liquidity it creates, and no one can get to the funds. It is run by the smart contract because the founder gave up control of the funds right after the token was released on May 1, 2021.

  • A 10% fee is charged on BNB Chain transactions, divided into liquidity and rewards.
  • 5% of every buy/transfer/sell is redistributed to all holders on BNB Chain.
  • 5% of every transaction is transferred into the Liquidity Pool on Pancakeswap in SafeBLAST (BLAST) and Binance Coin (BNB) pairs.[14]


Cyber Crime Shield, a security auditing agency, deemed the SafeBLAST token smart contract safe and secure with no backdoor or loophole. It is also essential to note that the smart agreement has been terminated. Renouncing a smart contract in crypto parlance means that no one, including the creator or owner, can change or influence it. This measure will lessen the likelihood of someone altering the smart contract to manipulate it for petty gains. It is also a sort of extra security that ensures the created liquidity (if any) remains permanently with the contract and not in the wallet of any individual.[15] This security feature offered by SafeBLAST is opposed to previous projects, which utilize an owner's wallet to accept certain forms of cash.[16]


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