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ReleaseOctober, 2021

SadBoysNFT is a collection of unique non-fungible tokens available on the Ethereum blockchain. It was created with the aim to promote Suicide Awareness by leveraging the NFT space. SadBoysNFT has also donated $50,000 to the American Foundation to amplify their reach and further their goal of preventing suicide.[1] SadBoys has gained mass recognition for its unique approach and has made up a collection of 5,000[2] on the Ethereum platform as of 2021.[3]


The roadmap for minting SadBoys is divided into five stages: it starts by initially building a community where people feel safe to talk about suicide and encourage one another on its prevention. During this stage, the miners also get exclusive giveaways.[4]

The second stage is when the miners get the opportunity to donate their earnings to the American Foundation to promote suicide prevention, which is a part of the NYC Times Square Billboard Campaign.

In the third stage, the miners get to create their very own SadBoysNFT Exclusive Club, where they can host suicide awareness seminars for the entire SadBoys community.

In the fourth stage, the miners can airdrop emotional support animals to different account holders and create a merch shop!

In the last and final stage, the miners can donate another $50K to a suicide awareness charity, along with introducing holder royalties where they can earn their money back for their support and initiate to promote suicide prevention.


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