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Background information
Birth nameSean Robinson
GenresHip Hop
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Born (1989-11-20) November 20, 1989 (age 34)
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
NationalityAmerican Uzbek
Other namesShokhrukh
CitizenshipUnited States, Uzbek
  • Rapper
  • Music Producer
  • DJ
Years active2002 - present
Known forRap Artist
Height6 ft (183 cm)
RelativesSuvan Usmanov (grandfather)

Sean Robinson (born November 20th, 1989 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan) better known by his stage name SH1LLER is an American-Uzbek Rap artist, rapper, music producer, and DJ.[1] SH1LLER is an independent artist who has notably contributed in creating a versatile music production environment and mastered rapping in multiple languages, most notably in English, Russian, and Uzbek.[2] SH1LLER is the grandchild of Suvan Usmanov, a renowned and awarded music mentor of the youth of the Republic of Uzbekistan.[3] He is on his way to break barriers to accept rappers in a global scenario from Uzbekistan. Most recently, he was featured on famous WorldStarHipHop.[4]

After his debut album Dreamers released in 2020, SH1LLER achieved mainstream popularity for categorizing his audience and creating specific projects for them. He is a polyglot artist who focuses on the issues that people face psychologically and uses them in his compositions.[5] SH1LLER’s songs center around on making people accept their mistakes and focus on the future.

SH1LLER has worked on several featured projects with rappers from New York, Florida, California, Michigan, and other states of the United States.[6] SH1LLER’s critically acclaimed music video - Dreamers is featured in various European Music TV channels, including TMB (Türk Müzik Birliği) and EuroMusicTV. He has also been featured  and covered for his unique compositions and productions in several media outlets including the Ritz Herald, Urban Music Awards and US Times Now.

Early life and education

SH1LLER  was born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan on November 20th, 1989. He is the grandson of Suvan Usmanov, an honored music mentor of the youth of the Republic of Uzbekistan. His grandfather was the director of the renowned music school in Samarkand City for almost 40 years. SH1LLER’s grandfather was also the head of the board of directors of several music schools in the Samarkand region and has authored a textbook for musicians comprising a variety of folk instruments.

Born in a family with a notable background in the music scene, SH1LLER enrolled to learn music at a young age in a school directed by his grandfather. After learning national music instruments and taking piano lessons under his grandfather, SH1LLER eventually drifted his attention to HIP HOP and started rapping.[7]

This was short lived and soon, SH1LLER along with his family moved to the United States of America. This massive change in lifestyle turned out to be a boon for SH1LLER and moving to States brought a whole lot of opportunities SH1LLER’s way.


SH1LLER commenced his career when he was only 10 years old. He started rapping and soon gained recognition in his hometown, which eventually led him to become a known personality in former Soviet Union countries. He has worked with several Uzbek rappers like Raduis21 and has performed in several concerts including the one at the Dinamo Stadium in Samarkand City.

SH1LLER focuses on diverse production by aiming to enlighten, elevate, and caution the public. He is a multilingual rapper who makes use of diverse languages in his tracks which make them unique.

In 2015, SH1LLER took a break from his music career and worked on his business plans. After a lot of consideration, all the social media handles related to SH1LLER’s music were deleted. In 2020, however SH1LLER decided to make a reappearance in the music scene considering the major health pandemic COVID-19. He released his first album which was on hold since 2015, Dreamers EP.[8] Dreamers is a joint venture with Swaizzy who is a fellow New York artist. This album was featured on several European Music TV channels, including TMB (Türk Müzik Birliği) and EuroMusicTV.[9]


SH1LLER’s debut album Dreamers was recorded and released in 2020 under his own independent label. It consists of 7 tracks, which are available on all prominent digital platforms including YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music and Jio Savaan.

Dreamers Track listing

Name of Track Album Play Time
Moving ft. Alexander the Don SH1LLER - Dreamers EP (Deluxe Edition) 04.28
Dreamers ft. Swaizzy SH1LLER - Dreamers EP (Deluxe Edition) 03.48
Revenge ft. Tyree SH1LLER - Dreamers EP (Deluxe Edition) 05.24
Dope Remix SH1LLER - Dreamers EP (Deluxe Edition) 04.58
Someone Like You ft. Montre SH1LLER - Dreamers EP (Deluxe Edition) 04.14
Sacrifice ft. Tyree SH1LLER - Dreamers EP (Deluxe Edition) 04.29
NY Tashkent Samarkand ft. JaRon SH1LLER - Dreamers EP (Deluxe Edition) 04.37


SH1LLER is the recipient of the Young Artist Discovery of the year.

Personal life

SH1LLER is a musical prodigy of Suvan Usmanov who is an honored music mentor of the youth of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He is fluent in English, Russian, and Uzbek.


In the media



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