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Roy Hinkis
Roy Hinkis.jpg
Born (1991-07-05) July 5, 1991 (age 30)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
CitizenshipUnited States, Israel
OccupationDigital Marketing Executive & SEO Consultant
Years active2008–present
  • SimilarWeb
  • Lyft
  • Waze
  • Walmart
Known forSEO consultant
Height6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
  • Jacob (father)
  • Pnina (mother)

Roy Hinkis (born on 5 July 1991) is an American digital marketing expert and search engine optimization (SEO) consultant. He is best known for his expertise in online marketing, optimizing content, improving conversion rate, web performance, user experience, and Google penalty recovery. Hinkis has attended several keynote conferences for improving search visibility and digital marketing. As of 2020, he serves as an SEO consultant for several companies including Waze, Check Point Software Technologies, Walmart, SimilarWeb, Kylie Cosmetics and Dome9 Security. Before these companies Hinkis has previously worked with Lyft, TELUS, Trip by Skyscanner, Bringg,, Clickosmedia and others.[1][2]

Hinkis is considered as one of the most successful SEO experts in the decade and worked with several technologies and Fortune 500 companies. He has been often quoted by the technology industry peers and has written on topics of search, business lead generation, brand building and digital marketing on all major media outlets. Roy Hinkis is known for following best SEO practices, schema implementations, advanced SEO strategies, content building, brand building, local SEO and drawing SEO analytics at scale to empower companies and clients to expand their search presence and get higher visibilities for better conversions.[3]

Roy Hinkis is a native of Los Angeles, California and completed his high school at Katzanelson High School.


Roy Hinkis began his career with Digital marketing skills in Sept 2008 with Clickosmedia and has since worked with below companies.

Company Position Starting Date End Date Location Notes
Clickosmedia Online Marketing Manager September 2008 February 2012 Israel SEO Manager June 2013 June 2014 Israel
Bringg Growth and paid acquisition Advisor July 2016 April 2017 Israel
Trip by Skyscanner SEO & Growth Advisor July 2016 May 2017 San Francisco
TELUS SEO & Content Marketing Advisor 2017 2018
Lyft SEO LEAD July 2017 March 2018 San Francisco
SimilarWeb Head of SEO June 2014 April 2015 Israel
SimilarWeb Head of SEO, Growth Marketing June 214 October 2018 Los Angeles
Snyk SEO & Paid Acquisition Advisor November 2018 July 2019 (Madlan) SEO & Growth Consultant May 2018 Feb 2020 Israel
Kylie Cosmetics Search Engine Optimization Consultant 2018 Present
Dome9 Security SEO, Growth & Paid Acquisition Consultant Nov 2017 Present
Fortune 500 companies and Tech startups SEO Advisor, Growth & Paid Consultant July 2018 Present
SimilarWeb SEO & Growth Marketing Consultant March 2020 Present Los Angeles
Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd. SEO Consultant January 2020 Present
Waze SEO Consultant October 2018 Present

Personal background

Roy Hinkis was born in Los Angeles on 5 July 1991. He is the son of Jacob and Pnina, born in Jewish family he holds the dual citizenship of Israel and the United States of America. Hinkis is proficient in both English and Hebrew.[4]

Professional certifications

Roy Hinkis has obtained several professional certifications for advanced SEO and digital marketing. In 2016, he completed Google AdWords Advanced Search and later also completed a Google Tag Manager certification.[5]

In popular culture

Roy Hinkis is seen frequently at conferences and industry events on the topics of search visibility, digital marketing and the future of the web. He also writes about semantic web search, advanced SEO, content building strategies, brand building, and digital marketing. Hinkis has been often seen on technology websites and news outlets including Yahoo news, Business Insider, Search Engine Journal, MOZ, and others.[6]

Selected publications

Roy Hinkis has published several publications for search experience and strategies. Some of the major publications by Hinkis are:

  • "How We Improved Our Rankings by Losing Half a Million Organic Visits". Similarweb. Retrieved 2020-04-11.
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In the media



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