Roswell, Georgia

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The city of Roswell is located in the upper part of Fulton County, Georgia, in the United States. The city has a total population of 88,346 residents as at the time of the official census in 2010. With a projected population of 94,884 people in the year 2020, Roswell would rank as the ninth biggest city in the state. A prosperous historic area may be found in Roswell, which is a neighbouring suburb of Atlanta.

In the year 1830, Roswell King was travelling through what is now the city of Roswell on his way to northern Georgia when he came across the region that is now Roswell and saw the huge potential for constructing a cotton mill along Vickery Creek. In light of the fact that the surrounding area was suitable for plantations as well, he devised a strategy to locate cotton processing close to cotton cultivation.

Around the middle of the 1830s, King came back to the area to construct the Roswell Mill, which was destined to become the biggest mill in the region of north Georgia. In order to construct the mills, he took with him 36 African slaves from his own coastal property as well as an additional 42 trained carpenter slaves whom he had purchased in Savannah. Slaves were responsible for the construction of the new town's mills, as well as its infrastructure, housing, mill worker quarters, and other supporting facilities. The Africans who settled in northern Georgia carried with them their distinctive Geechee culture, language, and religious traditions from the coast.

The city of Roswell may be found in the upper part of Fulton County. To the north, it is bordered by Milton; to the northeast, it is bordered by Alpharetta; to the east, it is bordered by Johns Creek; to the southeast, it is bordered by Peachtree Corners in Gwinnett County; to the south, it is bordered by Sandy Springs; to the west, it is bordered by unincorporated land in Cobb County; and to the northwest, it is bordered by the city of Mountain Park and unincorporated land in The Chattahoochee River serves as the defining feature of the city's southern border.

Roswell has a total area of 42.0 square miles (108.8 km2), of which 40.7 square miles (105.5 km2) is land and 1.3 square miles (3.3 km2), or 3.06%, is water, as reported by the United States Census Bureau.