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Roman Konoplev
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Roman Yevgenyevich Konoplev

(1973-09-04) September 4, 1973 (age 50)
Alma materInternational Institute of Economics and Law
Spouse(s)Dina Konopleva

Roman Yevgenyevich Konoplev (born 4 September 1973) is a Russian and Transnistrian political and public figure, strategist, publicist, writer, now resident in Portugal.

Biography, political activity and views

Roman Konoplev was born on September 4, 1973 in Bryansk Oblast, Russian SFSR to the family of a Soviet engineers. In 1978 Roman and his parents moved to the town of Dnestrovsc, Moldavian SSR. In October 1992 he moved to Russia.

He graduated from International Institute of Economics and Law in Moscow in 1996, with a bachelor's degree in Constitutional law. He earned an engineer's degree in IT in 2003 from Bryansk State Technical University.

Russian conservative social and political journalism just before the USSR fell apart played a significant role when Konoplev's political view was being formed. Political consequences of military conflict in Moldova, as well as human rights violations in the republics of the former Soviet Union, were a sort of arguments for Konoplev to become member of the opposition to Boris Eltsin[1].

On May 9, 1993 Roman Konoplev became a member of the Russia's opposition movement. On September 24, 1993 Roman joined the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis|defenders of the House of Councils who formed Militia commandant's platoon of the Russian Supreme Council. He left the House of Councils together with other defenders on the day of the attack on October 4, 1993 at 5 p.m.

Konoplev was one of the leaders of the National Bolshevik Party(1997—2003)[2]. In the December 2000 he took part in the Bryansk local elections. Konoplev was the Coordinator of the 2006 Russian march|Russian March in Tiraspol[3]. Konoplev was the activist and author of ideological documents of the party Proriv!(2006—2012)[4] in Transnistria.

His career as a publicist started at the age of 16 (his first publication was in the newspaper "Power engineer"). Since 1998 Konoplev cooperated with Russian analytical Internet portals of the National Strategy Institute "APN", "Russian Journal", etc.

Roman Konoplev was the political columnist of the weekly "Dnestrovsky Courier" (2002-2008) in Transnistria (also known as Pridnestrovie). He was the editor and columnist of news agency "Lenta PMR" (2004-2008). Editor of newspaper "Russian Proriv!" (2007-2008).

In 2006 Roman Konoplev travelled in Scandinavia. Hid sketch book "Norwegian papers", first published in Russia, was later reprinted by several foreign media. Roman Konoplev is the author of novels "Gospel of extremist"[5][6][7], "Dromomania" and "Defeat".

Roman Konoplev was the owner and editor of news agency "DNIESTER" (2009-2017)[8][9] [10], strategist and political adviser[11][12].

He also acquired Portuguese citizenship by naturalization[13] [14].


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