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Roland Jacquard
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  • French Journalist
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Roland Jacquard is a Lebanese-born French journalist,[1] essayist and consultant. He is a specialist in terrorism.


A former freelancer at Le Canard enchaîné,[2] Roland Jacquard chairs the International Observatory of Terrorism,[3] a non-governmental organization of which he is the only member, "without publications, without a website, without a postal address and without any legal existence" writes Le World in 2015,[4] as well as the Sentinel newsletter, created in 1986, which offers “awareness and training sessions” on the terrorist issue.[4] A regular guest on the program ‘C dans l'air’, Roland Jacquard is also the author of essays on Osama bin Laden and terrorism. In 2001 , he enjoyed major bookstore success with Au nom d'Ossama bin Laden,[5] an essay devoted to the networks of Islamist terrorism. Sales of the book, written before the attacks of September 11, 2001 but released a few days after, were stimulated by the event, to the point that it was translated into many countries. Jean Picollec then published in 2004, by the same author and on the same subject and co-written with Atmane Tazaghart, Bin Laden, the programmed destruction of the West.


Some of Roland Jacquard's analyzes have been the subject of controversy as to their validity. According to the journalists Didier Bigo, Laurent Bonelli and Thomas Deltombe, the comments made by Roland Jacquard as an expert in the media would be questionable.

In July 2010, Roland Jacquard intervened on France 5 in the program ‘C dans l'air’ and presented to the camera a manual in Arabic of 300 pages, supposedly intended for the executives of Al-Qaïda in order to protect themselves from the secret services on the Internet. The manual would allow them to install protection systems. The authenticity of the document will be called into question by other journalists, the cover of the document being that of a simple C++ manual downloadable for free on the Internet.[6]

On 22 July 2011, following the attack in Oslo which left 76 dead and committed by the Islamophobic Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik , Roland Jacquard, who offers a personal analysis,[7] is criticized by the former commissioner of RG Patrick Rougelet: "Roland Jacquard perfectly illustrates the danger of these incestuous relationships” (between RG and journalism).

In 2023, Roland Jacquard’s name appeared in one of the biggest scandals, revealed through leaked documents. The investigation into the leaked document was termed as, “Abu Dhabi Secrets”. According to the documents, following the 2017 Qatar diplomatic crisis, Jacquard became a mediator between the United Arab Emirates and a Swiss-based economic intelligence company, Alp Services. Jacquard recommended the founder of Alp Services, Mario Brero, to the Emiratis. The UAE hired Brero to execute a smear campaign against the Emirati opponents, including Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood. Under the campaign, Alp Services posted defamatory Wikipedia entries and published propaganda articles against the targets. Besides, the UAE also received a list of over 1,000 individuals and 400 organizations in Europe, including more than 400 individuals and 120 organizations in France, who were linked falsely to radical Islam. An Emirati spy, Sheikh Matar was supervising the contract with Brero. Jacquard’s deal with Alp Services gave him direct access to Matar, through an encrypted email service of Protonmail. As Jacquard had a significant network of politicians, diplomats and military personnel, he supplied Matar information that came from President Emmanuel Macron, the Élysée, and the security services. Jacquard was to receive a 10% commission of the payments by the UAE to Alp Services. As per the information, he received at least 300,000 euros.[1][8][9][10][11]


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