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Roberto Badoglio
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  • Jazz Fusion
  • Funk
  • World music
  • Avant-Garde

Roberto Badoglio is an Italian bass player and composer, particularly known for his work in the </nowiki>Jazz fusion world and as a touring and studio musician for several bands.[1]


Born in Trieste in 1984, Roberto started his musical carrier in his early teens as a member of the progressive rock group "Alteration", they gained local popularity winning several italian music contests for emerging bands as Pagella Rock in Udine, Rosa Rock, and many others.

At the age of sixteen, fascinated with the role of bass in contemporary jazz and fusion settings, he travelled to France to study privately with Dominique Di Piazza for several weeks and the following year he went to New York City for a circle of private lessons with Matt Garrison.

In 2003 he was a student of the jazz conservatory of Trieste and became a finalist of the first edition of the European Bass Day contest in Verona.He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for one year in 2005 where he had the chance of studying jazz harmony and improvisational concepts with trombonist Hal Crook and to play bass in the Joanne Brackeen ensemble.In 2005 he also published the record "Almost Even" with the band Oddflow, together with Hara Garacci on guitar and Louis Cato on drums.

In 2006 he had to move back to Italy because of a severe illness who took him out of the scenes till the end 2007, during this period he started composing "Re-Evaluation Time"[2], first solo album published in 2010 under Spice Rack Records.

"Re-Evaluation Time" was also the beginning of Roberto collaboration with pianist Steve Hunt, who played keys and produced the record. [3]At the end of 2007 Roberto moved to New York city, where he performed regularly with the avant-garde pop singer Adama and with his own trio Oddflow as well as playing many sessions with musicians from the local scene.

In 2010 he moved to Berlin, where he currently resides.He is involved in several musical projects such as the Aly Keita Trio [4], Silent Jazz Ensemble[5], Raumschiff Jazz, For Free Hands [6] and others.

In 2013 he started working on the Jazz/Fusion project "Beyond Turbines"[7] together with Steve Hunt and Bjössi Klütsch and featuring Virgil Donati on drums.The debut album was published in 2015.

In 2017 he published his second solo record "Lapse of Worry"[8] which features Marko Djordjevic on drums, Seamus Blake on saxophone and Bjössi Klütsch on guitar.

In 2018 he played bass on the record "Nuova Napoli" by Nu Guinea [9] and also co-composed the instrumental hit track "Disco Sole" and in 2019 he constantly toured with Nu Guinea and with the Aly Keita trio.

Playing Style

Roberto Badoglio bass playing is characterized by an original "four fingers" technique with the right hand: he uses his thumb, index, middle finger and ring finger in various combinations in order to play easily modern sounding lines with unusual and intricate successions of intervals or complex rhythmical patterns.

He often also uses various thumb picks and tools in order to create different sounds with the bass guitar.

Glenn Astarita from All About Jazz reviewed his playing with this words: [10] "No doubt, Badoglio possesses a broad arsenal, and transmits a lyrical musical persona amid the hyper-mode, single note licks and complex, jazz guitar-like chord voicings".

"He uses the full range of the instrument, plays chords, and plays solo lines that are just short of breathtaking" by Gapplegate guitar blog.

"he puts down such easy-listening progressive breeze you don’t even know your brain is undergoing surgery. His playing is jaw-dropping, up there with, yes, Jaco, be it on the getting-situated intro-track “Scirocco’s Theory” (it’s as eggheaded as it looks), the only half-kidding video-game patter of “Bruce Wayne On the Run,” the space-scaping “Dojo” or the ethnic rollcoaster “Essaouira Market” – and mind you, even through several modal and world-music ideas, the album flows like you won’t believe. A quite but massively powerful study." by on "Re-Evaluation Time".


He mostly plays his signature five or six strings basses builded by the italian company Wood & Tronics, and endorses GrBass amplifiers[11] and Mama Pickups[12] as well.

In the more Pop or Funk settings like Nu Guinea he plays often a four string Fender Jazz Bass modified with a Precision neck.


As a session player:

  • Nuova Napoli by Nu Guinea (2018)
  • Berlin by Raumschiff Jazz (2018)
  • Somewhere in this Universe, somebody hits a drums- (Featuring Marco Minnemann) by Yuval Ron (2019)
  • On Twisty Tracks by Haymo Doerk
  • Brain States by Saharawa -Featuring Jerry Goodman (2018)
  • Velvet by Nadine Axisa (2014)
  • Alone in Central Park by Fabrizio Furci (2014)

As Leader or Co-Leader:

  • Lapse of Worry by Roberto Badoglio (2017)
  • Beyond Turbines (2015)
  • Nightwalker by The Silent Jazz Ensemble (2014)
  • Re-Evaluation Time by Roberto Badoglio (2010)
  • Almost Even by Odd Flow (2005)


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