Robensan Gnaneswaran

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Robensan Gnaneswaran
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Born (1989-11-23) November 23, 1989 (age 31)
  • Entrepreneur
  • Networker
  • Investor

Robensan Gnaneswaran (born November 23, 1989) is a German entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He is known for his building a network with top finance experts and inventors. Gnaneswaran has been noted for his mindset and convincing skills that has made him one of the top salesperson for his company.[1]

Gnaneswaran's concentrated investments have contributed to building notability and also resulted in forming alliances with investors globally. He is also considered as a notable philanthropist and is seen primarily working for education, backward children and environmental causes.[2][3]


Gnaneswaran finished vocational training as a warehouse logistics specialist in 2014 and began working in this industry a year later. He was in charge of a major company that sold agricultural spare parts and handled client returns.

He received his certification as a financial services specialist advisor from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2016, and then ventured into the insurance industry as a financial service provider, establishing customers and teams across Germany.

He decided to focus on the field of investment at the start of 2017. He has also completed paramedic training and has a strong interest in medicine. For his next project, he began studying as an e-commerce manager in 2021.

Throughout his career, Gnaneswaran has invested in several international companies building alliances with many investors worldwide. The top record for a company was an investment by him and his alliance for a total of 25 million euros. Apart from that Gnaneswaran also offers coaching and training to individuals to gain individual financial stability free of cost.

Personal life

Gnaneswaran currently lives in Germany with his family. As an avid philanthropist, he is often seen working on campaigns for the upliftment of economically backward children, especially for girls by providing financial support for education and also contributing to offer them a safe environment. He is also very interested in medicine, motorsport, music, and theatre.


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