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River Faught
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Donnie Faught

(1975-02-11) February 11, 1975 (age 49)
Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.
Alma materArkansas State University
OccupationAmerican Actor and Performance Artist
Years active1998-Present
Height6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Spouse(s)Cynthia Richardson (m. 1995–2006)
ChildrenStaysha Faught (born 1999)
  • Wayne Faught (father)
  • Phyllis Jean Eddings (mother)
RelativesDavid Faught (brother)
Awards2017 Winner Actors Award - "1 Buck" - Best Ensemble, 2012 Audience Award - "Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream"

River Faught (born February 11, 1975) is an American actor and performance artist. Known for playing dark and surreal characters in independent films. Breaking away from the norm, his unconventional film roles are the cornerstone of independent films that abandon the traditional 3 act structure.

Early Life & Education

Faught was born on February 11, 1975, in Kansas City, Missouri. His family legacy is one of hard work. Phyllis Jean Eddings[1], his mother, labored in a factory before transitioning to become a dedicated beautician, while his father, Wayne Faught, tirelessly worked in a paper mill. Despite their divorce during his early childhood, both parents remarried and instilled a strong work ethic in Faught and his older brother, David Faught. Raised by his resilient mother in the small town of Western Grove, Arkansas, he spent summers with his father in Atkins, Arkansas, shaping a family legacy rooted in diligence and perseverance.[2]

He regards Western Grove as his true hometown, having spent the majority of his youth there. As a young child, Faught secretly harbored thoughts of becoming an actor and gracing the big screen. Being raised in the small town of Western Grove, Arkansas, with a population of only 365 people at the time, Faught kept his dreams of being on the big screen to himself. He did not share them with anyone else, believing that his dream was unattainable coming from such a small, seemingly remote place in the middle of nowhere. His acting dream would be put on hold for college, as it seemed like the safe route for him.

Faught attended three different high schools: Western Grove High School, Atkins High School, and Lead Hill High School, where he graduated one of 18 in his graduating class of 1993. He then enrolled at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas, where he earned a degree in Criminology with a Bachelor of Arts. Following his graduation with honors in 1997, Faught and his newlywed wife, Cyndi Richardson (whom he married during his second year of college), immediately relocated to Springdale, Arkansas. There, he secured a job at a dilapidated hotel situated in a questionable part of town. After enduring a year in this dangerous work environment, and with an unfortunate incident involving a hotel resident's suicide attempt, Faught was now convinced that life was too short for him not to pursue his life's dream of acting. He and his wife made the decision to move to Los Angeles, California, where he would finally have the long-awaited opportunity to pursue a career in acting.[3]


Performance Art



  • Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream - Donnie Faught (aka River Faught) Journals[4](2011)

In 2011, Faught wrote a book titled Flesh On Fire: Addicted To A Dream - The Donnie Faught (AKA River Faught) Journals, which describes the grueling, step-by-step process he underwent in creating his autobiographical, award-winning feature documentary film, Flesh On Fire: Addicted To A Dream.[5][6]

The book provides readers with a distinctive perspective and an intimate glimpse into Faught's innermost thoughts, chronicled through his daily journal entries throughout the process of bringing his film to life.


Year Title Role Director Notes
2000 Big Top Winkle[7] Carny Lara Jo Regan Short Film
2000 Chances or Choices Instructor Unknown Educational School Video
2001 Stain Delusional Man Takae Hoshina Short Film
2001 William Hertz Documentary Common Man Unknown Feature Documentary
2002 After the Dance Jesse Chris Seals Short Film
2002 Cedar Flats Gambler Andrew Robert Muller Short Film
2002 Shadow Box Southern Man Kelley O'Connor Short Film
2004 Blacklist Commie Communist Tenzin Wangchuk Short Film
2005 Short Side of Nothing[8] Creep Phillip Garcia Short Film
2006 A Dentist's Best Friend Harry Jacoby Eric Thompson[9] Short Film
2007 Caroline: The Bearded Woman Tom Jackson Lanzing[10] Short Film
2007 Montana Montana Esther Elise Johnson[11] Short Film
2007 Salesman of the Year Lucas Peabody Matthew Stubstad[12] Short Film
2007 Ten Years' Time Convict 1 Drew Walkup[13] Short Film
2007 The Swimming Pool Rodgers Chineze Anyaene Short Film
2008 Cronulla Skinhead Jason Mavraidis[14] Short Film
2008 Jack in the Pulpit Janitor Ben Conrad[15] Short Film
2008 Some Meaning John Jillian Leynes Short Fillm
2008 Strange Tail Mad Scientist E.M. Garol Short Film
2008 True Perfection[16] Professor Wright Sarah Mohen Short Film
2009 A Film About Races[17][18] The Terminators (Himself) Jonathan Baker Feature Documentary
2009 Academy of Satan Dalton Jenkins Rasika Ruwanpathirana Co-Writer
2009 The Things We Carry[19] Drug Dealer Ian McCrudden
2010 Blockhead[20][21] John John Francis Conway[22] Short Film
2010 Less to Pack Homeless Man Jennifer Hanks Short Film
2010 Saul of Suburbia Inmate 1, Guard Benjamin Ironside Koppin[23] Short Film
2010 Staying Clean[24] James Brian Brookshire Short Film
2010 Thirst Mr. Cup Rasika Ruwanpathirana Short Film
2012 Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream Himself Benjamin Ironside Koppin Autobiographical Feature Documentary
2012 Jim Jim Jason Monares Short Film
2016 Guiding Light Abusive Boyfriend Benjamin Ironside Koppin[25] Short Film
2016 The Lodge Didi Rasika Ruwanpathirana[26] Short Film
2017 1 Buck[27][28] Bill Fabien Dufils[29] Actors Award for Best Ensemble
2018 Darwin'd[30][31] Roger Brigg Bloomquist[32][33] Short Film
2019 King Baby[34] Santa Case Esparros
2023 The Absence of Milk in the Mouths of the Lost[35][36] Demon #1 Case Esparros[37][38]
Year Title Role Director Notes
1999 Bonnie and Clyde Gang Member Yuki Wakano Documentary (Yuki Wakano Productions)
2001 Madonna "V.I.P." MTV Promo Jim the Sound Guy Melissa Silverman[39] TV Commercial
2002 IBM "Vin Extraordinaire" Grocery Store Employee Joe Pytka TV Commercial
2003 Dance Fever Dancer Alan Nash ABC Family Channel
2006 Best Damn Sports Show Period Uncredited Scott Bantle[40] Sports TV Show
2007 Manhunter Detective Leonardo Corbucci TV Pilot
2008 Baggage Homeless Man Eben McGarr TV Pilot
2008 Date My House Home Buyer Damon Zwicker Learning Channel (Team Tiara Productions)
2008 Oregon Lottery Lottery Winner Unknown TV Commercial
2021 Haunted Himself Jan Pavlacky Season 3, Ep. 3: "Gift of Evil"[41]
Year Title Writer Director Producer Role Notes
2012 Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream[42][43] Yes Benjamin Ironside Koppin[44] Yes Himself Autobiographical Feature Documentary
Music Videos
Year Title Artist Role Director Notes
1995 "Funk It Up"[45] Toshi Kubota Psycho Dancer Steven Mirashiga
2000 "Fa Fa"[46] Guster High School Student Steve Hanft
2000 "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues"[47] Eels Weirdo Marcos Siega
2000 "Yes!"[48] Chad Brock Boyfriend Gerry Wenner
2001 "Evolution Revolution Love"[49] Tricky Pedestrian Jake Scott
2004 "Mono"[50] Courtney Love Head Security Guard Chris Milk
2007 "A Gondola Ride in Paris"[51] The Messenger Mental Hospital Patient Nicole Bossier
2007 "The Sound of Truth"[52] As I Lay Dying Dystopian Human Brian Thompson[53]
Web Series
Year Title Role Director Notes
2008 Vidigreet.com[54] Online Video Greeting Card Hillbilly Unknown Mother's Day Video Greeting
2022 River Faught Performance Artist | Day 1 Transmission #1[55] Performer Himself In this Performance Art Series on YouTube, Faught is sharing with you a Daily Transmission From Planet Earth. Faught shares artistic consciousness through his Performance Art. These are daily Performance Art Pieces. This Series ran from January 1, 2022 to March 31, 2022. During those 90 days he shot 2 videos (1 Horizontal & 1 Vertical) a day, for a total of 180 videos!
2023 "The Ghost of Saturn" 8.2[56] Himself Joey Borovicka[57] YouTube Collaboration: "An Experimental Variety Show"
Performance Art
Year Title Role Director Creator Ref(s)
2022 River Faught Performance Artist | Day 1 Transmission #1 Performer Yes Yes [58]
2022 River Faught Performance Artist | "Love... Why Drive When You Can Fly" Performer Yes Yes [59]
2022 River Faught Performance Artist | "Heal... A Cut, The Heart, Without Choice" Performer Yes Yes [60]
2022 River Faught Performance Artist | "Masking The Flavor Of Thorned Ego" Performer Yes Yes [61]
2023 River Faught Surreal Performance Artist | "A Mealworm Dream" Performer Yes Yes [62]
2023 "Object Of Mutual Attraction" Performer Yes Yes [63]
2023 River Faught Surreal Performance Artist | "Blood, Earth & In Between" Performer Yes Yes [64]
2023 River Faught Surreal Performance Artist | "Life Force Absorption" Performer Yes Yes [65]
2023 River Faught Hoarder House Performance Art | "This Is The Normal" Performer Yes Yes [66]
2024 #238 Performer Yes Yes [67]
2024 #245 | "Hoarder Song" Performer Yes Yes [68]


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