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René-Jacques Lévy
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Spouse(s)Jeanne Royer
Children3 daughters

René-Jacques Lévy is a French chemist, born in 1875 in Nancy, died in 1912 in the sinking of the Titanic[1][2], author of several patents[3][4][5][6] operated by the company Air Liquide

In 1896, René Lévy graduates from École nationale supérieure des industries chimiques. In 1897, he moves to Manchester were he works at the Clayton Aniline Company, of which his uncle Charles Dreyfus is director, and he invents with :fr:André_Helbronner|André Helbronner in 1902, a process[7] making it possible to produce liquid air industrially. The license is acquired by Air Liquide and he then joins the company and works in the office of Boulogne sur Seine|Boulogne-sur-Seine.

In 1903, he marries Jeanne Royer with whom he will have three daughters, Simone in 1904, Andrée in 1906, and Yvette in 1909[8].

After having managed the British branch of Air Liquide in London, he is sent in 1910 to Canada by the president of the company :fr:Paul_Delorme|Paul Delorme, to create and manage a subsidiary in the suburbs of Montréal.

In March 1912, he goes to Paris to attend a funeral, planning to return to Canada on SS France (1910)|the France on April 20, but he exchange his ticket to go back ten days earlier on the Titanic[9][10][11].

The Royal Society of Chemistry honnors him in 2012[12][13][14] on the occasion of the commemoration of the hundred years of the sinking of the Titanic.


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