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Non-profit organization
FounderWhitney Noelle,
Damian Mogavero
Area served
United States of America

Refoodee, founded in 2019, is a non profit organization that works towards empowering refugees through the economic empowerment of the hospitality industry.[1][2]


Founded in 2019 by Whitney Noelle and Damian Mogavero, Refoodee was created to help solve a humanitarian crisis and the hospitality industry’s labor shortage.[3] Refoodee is partnered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). At the United Nations Headquarters on World Refugee Day, June 20 2019, Refoodee and the UNHCR launched the Refoodee Flight, a specialty line of Counter Culture coffee spotlighting the intersection of coffee production and forced displacement.[4][5]


Refoodee empowers refugees to become economically independent by helping them to secure stable employment. Refoodee works with the International Rescue Committee to help provide refugees and asylees with training and mentorship throughout the hospitality industry.[6][7]


Funds raised from Refoodee and the UNHCR’s Refoodee Flight are used to train and employ refugees as baristas throughout the United States.[8][9][10]


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a partner of Refoodee as they share a common vision of helping refugees in their evolution and resettlement. They both work collaboratively to ensure that every person has the right to seek employment and settle happily in their new locations.[11]


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