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Reflex Finance
FoundedFebruary 5, 2022; 16 months ago (2022-02-05)
FounderRyan Bessems
Number of locations
Key people
  • Myles Tweedy (Chairman)
  • Raymond Sales (COO)
  • Ryan Arriaga (CEO)
ProductsLaunchpad, DEX, Staking, Farming, Security Vetting

Reflex Finance is a decentralized cryptocurrency that offers safe digital currency by offering the higher standard of secure investment as a smart contract. The transactions are hosted on the Binance Smart Chain and it has developed its own NFT marketplace and launched its own token $REFLEX on February 5th, 2022. After its launch, the company has reported paying over $1 million to its holders within the first two days.[1]

The platform has launchpad in operation with opportunities for holders to earn passive income and access to NFT giveaway promotions in Phase III of the platform.[2] Reflex Finance is fully locked and secured with listings available on platforms Pancakeswap, Safemoon Swap, Bitmart, and Poocoin.[3]


Reflex Finance was founded by Ryan Bessems and a relative who stepped aside shortly after launch. Myles Tweedy and Raymond Sales, now at the helm with the goal to provide a safe digital cryptocurrency to its holders.[4] They launched a hyper deflationary token $REFLEX on February 5th, 2022. Right from the beginning, the company started offering rewards to its token holders from their revenue.[5]

The company has a business model to take a transaction tax of 15% on all buys, sells, and transfers for $REFLEX token. During its initial phase, the company started distributing 8% to its currency holders and the remaining 7% is used for its operations to cover the marketing cost, technology development, and any buyback or to burn the digital currency.[6]

In the next phase, the company increased distribution to 10% to its token holders with a presale condition that doesn't allow presale buyers to sell their tokens for a minimum of 6 months. It also oversees the reserves of 3% to cover any future hires that are used for introducing any new features in order to bring more use cases.

Use and exchanges

$REFLEX tokens can be used for sell or buy function and are available to buy on exchanges including Pancakeswap, Safemoon Swap, Bitmart, and Poocoin. The main benefit of holding $REFLEX tokens is that it allows staking to earn, the more users hold it more, more they make money. They have a 10% penalty if you sell all of your funds. An average staking period is between 7 to 180 days with an annual percentage rate from 5% to 40%.


The total supply of $REFLEX was one quadrillion at launch. The ongoing presale will utilize 32% of the tokens and close on February 12, 2022. The presale rate is 1 BNB (400,000,000,000 Reflex tokens). The minimum purchase will be 0.1 $BNB, while the maximum will be 5 $BNB.

Since its launch, $REFLEX has made records with over $1 million paid out to its holders within the first 48 hours.

Roadmap of Reflex Finance

Q1 2022 : This includes the Pinksale Pre-Sale, the PancakeSwap Listing, the Rewards dApp, the CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing, the Charity Wallet, the $REFLEX Staking Platform, the BitMart Listing, and the Safemoon Swap Listing. Additionally, the Launchpad, DEX, and Farming are now accepting applications.

Q2 2022: This phase will include Legion Launchpad in full operation and focus will be on the Significant growth of the holder base. Additional DEX and CEX listings will also take place.

Q3 2022: In this phase Play-to-Earn (P2E) game will be launched and the team will be expanded further. It will also include Sneak preview of secret utility and oversee additional DEX and CEX listings. The market cap of over $250 million is expected in this phase.

Q4 2022: In this final phase secret utility launch will be launched and the team will be further expanded. The Reflex Influencer Marketplace will also take place and additional DEX and CEX will be listed here.

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