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Ran Prieur
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BornPullman, Washington
GenreEcology, Simple living
Literary movementEnvironmental movement, Degrowth
Notable works
  • "How To Drop Out"
  • "Civilization Will Eat Itself"

Ran Prieur is an American blogger and permaculture advocate.[1] Prieur is best known for his 2004 blog post, "How to Drop Out", where he detailed living on under $2000 a year and having no permanent residence.[2][3] Prieur claimed to have homesteaded, squatted in a shed, and Dumpster diving food.[4] Prieur has stated that he believed civilization was on the verge of collapse,[5] and that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated its inevitability.[6]

In 2007, Prieur was featured in Timothy S. Bennett's documentary, What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire, where he discussed the American lifestyle in the face of climate change and Overshoot (population), alongside author Daniel Quinn and and Richard Heinberg.[7] In 2012, Prieur appeared as a guest on permaculturalist Paul Wheaton's podcast, Paul Wheaton.[8]

Prieur has been described as a "radical ecological thinker" by Ugo Mattei, who cited his 2001 essay, "Civilization Will Eat Itself", as an illustrative argument on the potential for technology to create evil.[9] In the essay, Prieur argues that technology narrows human interests into exploitation of the environment.[9][10] Mattei compared Prieur's views to Ecosophy Derrick Jensen's argument that civilization was environmentally unsustainable.[9]

In recent years, Prieur has reneged his views on rural homesteading, stating that "everyone that's tried it was unhappy and did too much driving."[6] Prieur added addendums to "How to Drop Out" in 2008 and 2014, where he disavowed 'dropping out', although he still advocated for minimizing dependence on society.[2]


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