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Rafael Langoni
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Background information
Also known as
  • Rafael Langoni
  • Rafael Langoni Smith
BornRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Genres== Soundtrack ==
  • Musician
  • composer
  • songwriter
  • arranger
  • performer
  • Piano
  • keyboard
Years active2004-
LabelsSom Livre
Associated acts
  • Moonsailor
  • Tiago Iorc
  • Milton Nascimento

Rafael Langoni de Mello Nunes Smith, known as Rafael Langoni, is a Brazilian composer, arranger, producer, and pianist. He has been a music producer at Globo TV since 2016, where he is responsible for the soundtracks of several TV shows[1]. In 2019, he won the Latin Grammy for his work as an arranger on the album ´O Tempo é Agora´, by Anavitória[2]. In 2020, he founded the Moonsailor collective, focused on the production of video game soundtracks[3].


Early Life

Rafael was born in 1987 in Rio de Janeiro and grew up in Teresópolis – a town in the mountain region close to Rio. He was raised in a musical family and his studies in this area started in his childhood, with the keyboard. He later went on to study classical piano and played keyboard in local bands in his spare time. In 2004, when he was 16, Langoni produced his first video game soundtrack.[3]

Formative Years

In 2005, Rafael was accepted on the Musical Composition undergraduate program at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. During this period, Rafael had the opportunity to spend a semester abroad studying at West Virginia University (WVU)[2], on a CAPES/FIPSE program[4].

After completing his BA at UFRJ, Rafael was invited to return to WVU to pursue a Master’s degree in Musical Composition as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.[2]

In 2010, Rafael studied Composition for TV and Film at the Conservatório Brasilerio de Música (CBM), in Rio de Janeiro, and in 2011, attended a Film Scoring course at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).[2]

After returning to Brazil, Langoni taught Game Music and Composition at the Conservarório Brasileiro de Música, in Rio de Janeiro (2013-14).[2]


Concert Works

In 2012, while pursuing his Master’s degree at WVU, Langoni was invited to be a fellow composer at the Seasons Music Festival Academy, in Yakima (WA), where he presented his piece Procissão, performed by the string section of the Yakima Symphony Orchestra.[3]

In 2013, Langoni received his first commission by the UDI Cello Ensemble and wrote the piece Rapsúdia, subsequently recorded by the group for a live album.[3]

Globo TV

Since 2011 Rafael has collaborated on several Globo TV productions, either as an additional music composer or an arranger.[1] Since 2016 he has been a Music Producer for the network, working as a composer and producer on several TV shows.[5] Some of the highlights of his work with Globo are network TV series such as: Éramos Seis (Globo TV, 2019-20), in collaboration with Victor Pozas, part of the score of which was recorded at the Abbey Road Studios (London, UK), performed by a sextet, led by Caroline Dale[3]; Pega Pega (Globo TV, 2017-18), a collaboration with Rogério Vaz, part of the music of which Langoni recorded at the Esplanade Studios (New Orleans, USA)[3] and Nos Tempos do Imperador (Globo TV, to be released), a collaboration with Sacha Amback with the participation of Milton Nascimento[6]. Rafael has also worked on a number of series made for Globo’s streaming outlet, Globoplay, such as Ilha de Ferro (Globoplay, 2018-19) and Todas as Mulheres do Mundo (Globoplay, 2019).

In addition to TV series, Langoni has also worked on other types of shows for Globo TV. He produced Globo’s theme for the 2016 Rio Olympics; the 2017 opening for the weekly news round-up program, Fantástico and he has been responsible for the music production for the Criança Esperança benefit show since 2016.[2]

At Globo TV, Langoni has often worked in collaboration with others. He is working with Sacha Amback on Nos Tempos do Imperador (Globo TV, to be released), and previously worked with him on Novo Mundo (Globo TV, 2017); with Victor Pozas on Éramos Seis (Globo TV, 2019-20), and Sol Nascente (Globo TV, 2016-17); with Iuri Cunha on Todas as Mulheres do Mundo (Globoplay, 2019), and Gabriela (Globo TV, 2012 remake); with Pedro Guedes on Ilha de Ferro (Globoplay, 2018-19); with Rodolpho Rebuzzi on O Sétimo Guardião (Globo TV, 2018); with Nani Palmeira on O Tempo Não Para (Globo TV, 2018); with Rogério Vaz on Pega Pega (Globo TV, 2017-18); with Rogério Vaz and Daniel Musy on Bom Sucesso (Globo TV, 2019) and with J.P. Mendonça on O Outro Lado do Paraíso (Globo TV, 2018), among others.

In these productions for Globo TV, Langoni has worked with a number of directors who are important in Brazilian television. Among them: Vinícius Coimbra and João Paulo Jabur (Nos Tempos do Imperador); Carlos Araújo and Pedro Peregrino (Éramos Seis); Allan Fiterman (O Sétimo Guardião); Luiz Henrique Rios and Marcus Figueiredo (Pega Pega) and Leonardo Nogueira (O Tempo Não Para and Sol Nascente).

Video Games

Langoni has been producing vídeo game music since 2004. Some of the highlights of his work as a composer in this area are Tower57 (Pixwerk, 2016); SanctuaryRPG (Black Shell Games, 2015), and Overture (video game)|Overture (Black Shell Games, 2015). Another highlight is Rivals of Aether (Dan Fornace, 2014-2020), on which Rafael was responsible for the sound design.

In 2020, Langoni founded the Moonsailor collective, a group focused specifically on video game soundtracks. Langoni has produced soundtracks for award winning games, with the collective, such as: Pixel Ripped 1995 (ARVORE Immersive Experiences, 2019), winner of the EVA Play Digital Best Sound Production award[7]; and Stone Story RPG (Martian Rex, 2020), winner of the TIGA Awards for Best RPG[8], the Grand Audience Awards at the Tokyo Game Show's 2019 Sense of Wonder Night[9], and Famitsu's Indie Prize. Other titles by Moonsailor are: Evertried (Evertried Team, to be released), and Super Magbot (Astral Pixel, to be released).

Talks and Workshops

Langoni is often invited to give talks at festivals and events. Some examples are: Brazil’s Independent Games Festival 2020 (São Paulo-SP)[10]; Festival de Música de Penedo 2020 (Penedo-AL) ; Música para Games – Música Antes, durante e Pós Pandemia, a workshop hosted by Aciub (Uberlândia-MG, 2020)[11]; Game Audio Academy Masterclass 2019 (São Paulo-SP)[12]; Musimagem Festival 2016 (Belo Horizonte-MG)[13]; Desenho de som e trilha sonora em Cinema, Games e TV, a talk hosted by Unisul (Florianópolis-SC, 2016)[14]; Nas Trilhas do Som e da Imagem, hosted by Uninter (Curitiba-PR, 2016)[15]; and Musimagem Festival 2015 (Belo Horizonte-MG)[16].



  • Éramos Seis – Música Original de Victor Pozas e Rafael Langoni (4 vol.) (Som Livre, 2020)[17]
  • O Sétimo Guardião – Música Original de Rodolpho Rebuzzi e Rafael Langoni (3 vol.) (Som Livre, 2019)[18]
  • O Tempo Não para - Música Original de Nani Palmeira e Rafael Langoni (Som Livre, 2018)[19]
  • Pega Pega - Música Original de Rogério Vaz e Rafael Langoni (Som Livre, 2017)[20]
  • Sol Nascente - Música Original de Victor Pozas e Rafael Langoni (Som Livre, 2016)[21]


  • Éramos Seis – Abertura (Som Livre, 2019)[22]

With Moonsailor

  • Evertried: Kickstarter Demo Soundtrack (2020)[23]
  • Pixel Ripped 1995: Original Soundtrack (2020)[24]
  • Pixel Ripped 1995: Extended Soundtrack (2020)[25]
  • Found Sounds (2020)[26]
  • Overclocked: Original FM Soundtrack (2020)[27]
  • Stone Story RPG: Original Soundtrack (2020)[28]
  • Pixel Jazzed 1995: A Funky Pixel Ripped Tribute (2020)[29]
  • Frontier (2020)[30]
  • SanctuaryRPG: Original Soundtrack (Remasterizado) (2020)[31]
  • Overture: Original Soundtrack (Remasterizado) (2020)[32]

Contributions in other albums

  • UDI Cello Ensemble - 10 anos [Live] (2019) – composer for track 5 “Rapsúdia”[33]
  • Various - Bom Sucesso - Música Original de Rogério Vaz e Daniel Musy (Som Livre, 2019) – composer for 42 tracks[34]
  • Orquestra de Ouro Preto - Música para Cinema (Tratore, 2018) composer for track 8 “Sangue nos Olhos” [CD and DVD}[35]
  • Various - O Outro Lado do Paraíso – Música Original de João Paulo Mendonça, Rafael Langoni, Victor Pozas e Pedro Guedes (Som Livre, 2018) – composer for 10 tracks[36]
  • Daniel Musy e Victor Pozas - Segundo Sol - Música Original de Daniel Musy e Victor Pozas (Som Livre, 2018) – composer for 28 tracks[37]
  • Anavitória - O Tempo é Agora (Universal, 2018) – String arrangements[2]
  • Vários - Novo Mundo (Som Livre, 2017) – composer for tracks 8, 10, 18, 22, 23, and 25[38]
  • Victor Pozas - I Love Paraisópolis - Trilha Original de Victor Pozas (Som Livre, 2016) – composer for tracks 29 “Emotive Rock” and 31 “Parto dos Gêmeos”[39]
  • Anavitória - Anavitória (Universal, 2016) – String arrangements[2]




  • Nos Tempos do Imperador (with Sacha Amback) – TV series (Globo TV, to be released)[40]
  • Éramos_Seis_(2019_TV_series)|Éramos Seis (with Victor Pozas) – TV series (Globo TV, 2019-20)[41]
  • Todas as Mulheres do Mundo (with Iuri Cunha) – TV series (Globoplay, 2019)[42]
  • Ilha de Ferro (with Pedro Guedes) – TV series (Globoplay, 2018-19)[43]
  • O Sétimo Guardião (with Rodolpho Rebuzzi) – TV series (Globo TV, 2018)[44]
  • O Tempo Não Para (with Nani Palmeira) – TV series (Globo TV, 2018)[45]
  • Pega Pega (with Rogerio Vaz) – TV series (Globo TV, 2017-18)[46]
  • Sol Nascente (with Victor Pozas) – TV series (Globo TV, 2016-17)[47]


  • Criança Esperança – benefit show by Globo/UNESCO (2016-20)[2]
  • Fantástico Opening 2017 (Globo TV, 2017)[48]
  • 2016_Summer_Olympics|Rio 2016 Olympics, Official theme for Globo (Globo TV, 2016)[2]

Additional Music/Arrangement

  • Bom_Sucesso_(TV_series)|Bom Sucesso (Rogerio Vaz & Daniel Musy, Novela, Globo TV, 2019-20)[34]
  • O Outro Lado do Paraíso (J. P. Mendonça, Novela, Globo TV, 2018)[36]
  • Segundo Sol (Daniel Musy & Victor Pozas, Novela, Globo TV, 2018)[37]
  • Novo_Mundo_(TV_series)|Novo Mundo (Sacha Amback, Novela, Globo TV, 2017)
  • Liberdade, Liberdade (Sacha Amback, TV series, Globo TV, 2016)[49]
  • Totalmente Demais (Rogerio Vaz, TV series, Globo TV, 2015-16)[50]
  • Verdades Secretas (J. P. Mendonça, TV series, Globo TV, 2015)[51]
  • I Love Paraisópolis (Victor Pozas, TV series, Globo TV, 2015)[39]
  • Império (Rodolpho Rebuzzi, TV series, Globo TV, 2014-2015)[52]
  • Amor à Vida (Iuri Cunha, TV series, Globo TV, 2013)[53]
  • Sangue Bom (Victor Pozas, TV series, Globo TV, 2013)[54]
  • Gabriela_(2012_Brazilian_TV_series)|Gabriela (Iuri Cunha, TV series, Globo TV, 2012 remake)[55]
  • O_Astro_(2011_TV_series)|O Astro (Iuri Cunha, TV series, Globo TV, 2011 remake)[56]
  • Fina Estampa (Victor Pozas & J. P. Mendonça, TV series, Globo TV, 2011)[57]

Video Games

With Moonsailor

  • Super Magbot (Astral Pixel, to be released)[58]
  • Evertried (Evertried Team, to be released)[59]
  • Stone Story RPG (Martian Rex, 2020)[60]
  • Overclocked (Magnesium Ninja, 2020)[61]
  • Pixel Ripped 1995 (ARVORE Immersive Experiences, 2019)[62]


  • Rivals of Aether (Dan Fornace, 2014-2020) (Sound Designer)[63]
  • Tower57 (Pixwerk, 2016)[64]
  • 99Vidas|99 Vidas: O Jogo (Quantix Games, 2016)[65]
  • Overture_(video_game)|Overture (Black Shell, 2015)[66]
  • SanctuaryRPG (Black Shell, 2015)[67]

Other Productions

  • Drão (song recorded by Milton Nascimento, 2020) – Arrangement (with Dudu Viana)[68]
  • Cais (song recorded by Milton Nascimento e Ronaldo Bastos, 2020) – Music Producer (with Sacha Amback)[6]
  • Desconstrução (song recorded by Tiago Iorc, 2019) – Arrangement and music production - Latin Grammy for Best Portuguese Language Song[69]
  • Ana e Vitória (feature film, dir. Matheus Souza, 2018) – Composer/Arranger[70]
  • Mais Bonito Não Há (song recorded by Tiago Iorc and Milton Nascimento, 2017) – Arranger
  • The_Dresser|O Camareiro (theatre play starring Tarcísio Meira and Kiko Mascarenhas, 2016-2020) – Composer[71]
  • Tempo Perdido (song recorded by Tiago Iorc, 2013) – String arrangement (with Victor Pozas)[72]

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Role Ref.
2020 EVA Play 2020 Digital Awards Best Sound Production Pixel Ripped 1995 Won Composer (with Moonsailor) [7]
2019 Latin Grammy Best Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop Album O Tempo é Agora Won Arranger [69]
2016 Shell Award Best Music O Camareiro Nominated Composer [73]
2015 Prêmio Melhores do Ano Best Soundtrack Verdades Secretas Won Arranger and performer [2]

In the media



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