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Radmilo Andjelković
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Born (1942-08-28) August 28, 1942 (age 81)
Belgrade, Serbia, Kingdom of Yugoslavia
  • Fiction writer
  • Screenwriter
  • Actor
  • Cultural activist
  • Pedagogue

Radmilo Andjelković ( Belgrade, Serbia, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 28 August 1942) [1]is a Serbian science fiction writer, screenwriter, actor, cultural activist and pedagogue.[2]

He is one of the founders of the prestigious Association of Fiction Lovers "Lazar Komarčić" from Belgrade.

Early career in theatre, screenwriting and journalism

Andjelković has been active in the arts since childhood - by participating in the short feature film "One Day at the Zoo" in 1949 and joining the Children's Radio Group "Nikola Tesla", then acting at the Children's Theater "Boško Buha", and again at the radio theatre, as and subsequent film roles such as the one in Shoes on the Asphalt.

The turning point in 1957 was the meeting with the print media through the famous children's newspaper "Pioniri", whose associate he became at the age of 15, climbing from the very bottom of the professional ladder, from runner to later writer and screenwriter. In the period 1957-1959. Andjelković collaborates with one of the greatest Serbian comics and fine artists of all time, Aleksandar Hecl, writing scripts for him for the famous works "Vinetu" and "Buff, the leader of the caravan".

In parallel with screenwriting and journalism, Andjelković continued to cultivate a love for the dramatic arts through the troupes "University Experimental Scene" and MASK. The crown of that period was the creation of the Theater LEFT troupe in the KUD "Ivo Lola Ribar", where Andjelković played in the first two plays ("Bald Singer" by Ionesco and "A Thousand Turtles under the Sunny Sky of Andalusia").

Later in life

Radmilo Anđelković was, before taking his retirement, engaged in scientific research at the Military Technical Institute in Belgrade and his research continues to be unavailable to the public. He is a supporter of fiction and fandom for the last thirty years, and his work there is somewhat more available. He has published eight novels and about forty short stories. As a passionate cook, he published a book on indigenous spices in cookery.

As a science fiction writer

The new period began with graduation from the Faculty of Technology in 1967 and employment in the technological-research profession. He worked in it - mostly at the Military Technical Institute - until his retirement in 1994. Scientific research was a good basis for the so-called. "Hard science fiction" (scientific speculation), which was the dominant trend in the pop culture of our time and in Andjelković's later opus.

The author's return to the written word was strengthened by the founding of the society of fans of fiction "Lazar Komarčić" 1981/1982, where Andjelković's role was one of the key ones. He was the president of the society, a lecturer, organizer and one of the editors of "Emitor", a fanzine that was crowned with the glory of the best in Europe in its development.

In addition to literature, Andjelković was again engaged in comic scriptwriting ("Rambold" with Askanija Popović and children's series under Hannah-Barber's licenses).

According to the middle and younger generation of writers, Andjelković's stories, short stories and novels have been one of the brands of contemporary Serbian science fiction since the 1980s, when it began to regain its voice. Four books and about 30 stories represent the part of the opus that has been published and awarded with guild awards so far, and which has twice been in the selection of the best international achievements.[3]

In addition to the above, Andjelković is also a tireless pedagogue and instructor, either through the literary workshops of the Society of Fans of Fiction "Lazar Komarčić", or through individual collaborations.


Published books:[4]

  • Galactic tunnel (pseudonym R. Angelakis), Dnevnik, Novi Sad, 1986.
  • Zemlja za dobre ljude (u nastavcima), Ekspres Politika, Belgrade, 1986, (as a two-novel with Slobodan Ćurčić, Vrisak zvezda), Zoroaster, Belgrade, 1987.
  • All Wolf Children and Other Stories (Sva vučija deca i druge novele BMG, Belgrade, 1998.[5]
  • Grbovnik (co-author Danijel Reljić), Mono & Mañana Press, Belgrade, 2002.
  • Rašani, Belgrade, 2008 [6][7]
  • Kratke priče i akvarijum za zlatnog karša [8]
  • Oko za drugi svet (An Eye for Another World), Tardis, 2009.<ref>https://www.delfi.rs/knjige/autor/822_radmilo_andjelkovic_delfi_knjizare.html
  • "Annals of Space Gypsies"
  • Kids Camp, Tardis, 2010
  • Legion of Ida, Tardis, 2010.

Important anthologies and literary choices

  • The best world stories, Prosveta, Belgrade, 1986.
  • In the Shadow of the Sphinx, Collection of Science Fiction, Mir, Moscow, 1987.
  • The best world stories, Prosveta, Belgrade, 1987.
  • Monolith 6, Belgrade, 1990.
  • Dark Province 2, Belgrade, 1993
  • New (alternative) Serbian fiction, SIC, Belgrade, 1994.
  • Dark Province 3, Belgrade, 1994
  • Monolith 8, Belgrade, 1993.
  • "Belgrade of the Future", Politika, 2007.

Prizes and awards

  • "Lazar Komarčić" Award for the best domestic novel published in 1986 ("Varnica")
  • "Lazar Komarčić" Award for the best domestic novel published in 1997 (All Wolf Children)
  • "Lazar Komarčić" Award for the best domestic novel published in 2002 (Grbovnik))
  • "Lazar Komarčić" Award for the best domestic story published in 2003 ("Ordinary fishing day")


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