Queen Blanco (blancobun)

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Queen Blanco (blancobun)
BreedHolland Lop
Born (2016-09-01) September 1, 2016 (age 6)
Years active2018–present
Known forViral wine glass licking photos (original expression), binky dance videos
OwnerLousi M. (Lucy / Servant Lou)
ResidenceToronto, Ontario, Canada
Weight3.8 lb (2 kg)

Queen Blanco (blancobun) is a Canadian Holland Lop rabbit that is known for a series of viral photos and videos. She is an adorable 5 year old house bunny known as Queen Blanco (www.instagram.com/blancobun).[1] Blanco is best known for her viral wine glass licking photos which were the first such photos to be created by a bunny and which is Blancobun’s original expression.[2]


Blanco is a unique bunny with a huge personality. She has been seen in hundreds of videos where her talents and intelligence are exemplified. Blanco first became recognizable through her viral wine glass licking photos which were the first such photos to be created by a bunny and which is Blancobun’s original expression.[3]

Blanco is also known for her entertaining content and unique dancing (binkying) videos which have now become a trend in the rabbit community.[4]. Her videos have reached millions of views, her most popular one being her “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle” video. Blanco has also dug her very own burrow. She is constantly spreading smiles with her happy videos and has accumulated around 500K loyal followers. Blanco gives kisses on command and those videos also went viral.[5]

Blanco is now bonded to a rescued Netherland Dwarf bunny named Bollo, and they are very much in love.

Their owner Lousi offers tips and advice to their followers on pet rabbit care. She focuses on raising awareness surrounding proper rabbit care and on how exploited, abandoned, underrated and misunderstood pet bunnies are. She regularly rescues abandoned rabbits and has a merchandise shop where proceeds go to their care.[6][7]

Media appearances

Blanco's appearances have been documented on video on various social media handles, and she has been featured in articles on CTV News where she was noticed for her famous wiggles.

The Queen Boutique

An online boutique is launched at blancobun.com where different merchandise are available in different categories which includes mugs, T-shirts, mobile cases, face masks, and posters.[8]

In the media



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