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Psytrance Pig
Psytrance Pig NFT.JPG
Developer(s)Stryker Club

Psytrance Pig is an Ethereum based NFT as one of the first projects focused on a solid music-oriented theme.[1] The project was developed for NFT Collectors and professionals who are into music. The project was inspired by the psychedelic aspects of Psytrance music and the project embraces oddity with a hint of cheekiness through the personification of Psypigs as expressed in their artworks. [2]

Psytrance Pig is credited as an early project to create a Music-Oriented Metaverse that is going to host a Psytrance Music Festival inside the metaverse, known as Psyverse in its community.[3] Psytrance Pig team has also announced that they are going to release the first-ever Psytrance Music Video NFT.[4]

Their artworks have really ashy and psychedelic backgrounds and details to complement the Psypigs. Psytrance Pig’s team has a future plan of a dedicated metaverse for members-only virtual music fests called the Psyverse, accessible by owning any Psytrance Pig NFT (Phase 1 or 2).


There are only 10,000 unique Psypigs, all of which are rendered digitally scarce via the usage of NFTs based on the Ethereum platform. All Psypigs are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind since they are created using a randomized combination of a staggering 173 traits. The team of Psytrance Pig has equally interesting secondary elements and paid attention to details with emphasis is on the hallucinogenic components of Psytrance music.[5]

Psytrance Pig is originally set to be released for 0.08 ETH that can be minted by anyone with an Ethereum wallet.

The developers of this ground-breaking Psytrance Pig NFT have shared their ambitious ambitions for the second phase of the project. Psytrance Pig’s team is working on creating a dedicated area in the metaverse for virtual music festivals. The exclusive space will be called Psyverse, and it will be available only to people who possess a Phase 1 or Phase 2 Psytrance Pig.[6]


10% Psytrance Pig tokens: The funds will be made available to create Psytrance Pig Community.

20% Psytrance Pig tokens: Some tokens will be airdropped with lucky members of its community.

30% Psytrance Pig tokens: Psytrance Music will be planned.

40% Psytrance Pig tokens: Psytrance Pig community will own Psytrance music radio station on YouTube and Discord, which members can listen.

60% Psytrance Pig tokens: The planning for the Psytrance Pig Metaverse will begin.

80% Psytrance Pig tokens: The Psytrance retail shop will be unlocked, where Psytrance Pig community members will be have access to Limited Edition shirts, hoodies, and other goods.

100% Psytrance Pig tokens: The transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 will begin and Psytrance music video NFT & metaverse production will start.


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