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Publication information
  • Malibu Comics
  • Marvel Comics
First appearancePrototype # 1 (August, 1993)
Created by
  • Tom Mason
  • Len Strazewski
In-story information
Alter egoJimmy Ruiz
Team affiliations
  • Ultratech
  • Ultraforce
  • Energy generation
  • Use of advanced body armor
  • Jet impulsors

Prototype is the name of two fictitious characters of Malibu Comics that existed in the Ultraverse line of comics. Both characters used advanced exo armor developed by Ultratech corporation, and were employees of the company. The original Prototype was Bob Campbell, who was replaced after an accident by Jimmy Ruiz.[1][2][3]

Publication history

Both Prototypes were depicted in their ongoing series Prototype published by Malibu Comics and written by Len Strazewski and Tom Mason. The series lasted 18 issues from August 1993 to February 1995 and had a special Giant Size Prototype. Also Malibu published the exploits of Bob Campbell before his accident in Prototype #0 (Aug. 1994). Both Prototypes were members of the Ultraforce and were depicted in the team's books.

Fictional biography

Bob Campbell served as the first spokesperson for Ultratech corporation. He used the Prototype armor developed by the company but he was injured in a demonstration and lost an arm.[4]

After the accident, the young video-game player Jimmy Ruiz was contracted by Ultratech to serve as a new spokesperson. He was given steroids and was surgically implanted with special cybernetics to allow him to control the Prototype Armor. In his first apparition to the shareholders meeting, Jimmy was attacked by a supervillain. The fight ended with the killing of the villain.[5] In the middle of the filament of a commercial Prototype was attacked by the Ultra Prime (comics), and Jimmy develops a dislike for him.[6] Meanwhile, Bob Campbell was developing his own armor and was attacked by an Ultratech hitman called The cat.[7][8]


On a strange night, it begins a strange phenomenon in the sky of San Francisco: the moon was colored blue, the common people were driven into a madness and various Ultras had strange visions. Prototype joined Hardcase and other ultraheroes in a fight against the minions of the villain Rex Mundi's, who tried to capture Amber Hunt, who was acting like a herald for an alien entity.[9]

In an attempt to discover the source of their powers, the Strangers steal a shuttlecraft from the villain J.D. Hunt. The shuttle was being stored on a military base and was being protected by ultratech. I.D.Hunt. demanded that Ultratech recovered his shuttle. Stanley Leland, the CEO of Ultratech ordered Prototype to pursue the Strangers in a new spaceship. He also threatened Jimmy to replaced him if he failed[10] This brings him into conflict with the Strangers. however they decided to go to the Moon and discover the origins of the ultras. On the way to the moon encounter, Prototype and the Strangers destroy a monstrous infestation of a Russian space station.[11]

In the moon Prototype meets the ultras Hard Case, Choice, Prime (comics) , Mantra (comics), and The Solution. All the Ultraheroes discovered the source of the "Jumpstart Effect" which has been granting people powers all across Earth. Alongside other ultraheroes, Jimmy protects the Entity, a crashed alien starship that was causing the Jumpstart Effect, from attack fom Mundi's minions. He secretly downloaded the information of the entity to the armor databases.[12]

Fight with Ultratech

Jimmy with Bob, after uncovering Ultra-Tech's corruption, opted to overthrow the company and become independent heroes. Jimmy later joined UltraForce and participated in the defeat of the subterrain warlord Attalon.[13]


Prototype is generally considered as a rip-off of Iron Man.[14] [15][16] [17]

Appearances in other media

Prototype-Jimmy Ruiz was a recurring character in the short-lived Ultraforce cartoon show, , and he constantly bickers with Prime, usually insulting Prime for his lack of intelligence. Prototype's team faces off with other Ultraverse villains such as Rune and Lord Pumpkin. In the series, Jimmy Ruiz was voiced by Rino Romano.

Prototype was one of the action figures produced for Galoob's Ultraforce line.


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