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Professional boxing, often known as prizefighting, is a kind of boxing that is controlled and sanctioned. Fighting in professional boxing is for a purse that is split amongst the fighters according to the terms of their respective contracts. The majority of professional fights are overseen by a regulating body in order to ensure the safety of the combatants. The majority of high-profile fights are sanctioned by a sanctioning organisation, which awards championship belts, sets regulations, and assigns its own judges and referees to the fights in question.

Professional boxing battles are usually considerably longer than amateur boxing fights and may go up to twelve rounds, but less important fights can be as short as four rounds in less noteworthy contests. Fighting without protective equipment is not authorised, and boxers are usually allowed to absorb a significant amount of damage before a bout is called off. Throughout the twentieth century and throughout the twenty-first century after that, professional boxing has had a much greater prominence than amateur boxing.