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Priti Krishtel
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  • Academic
  • Justice-advocate
  • Lawyer

Priti Krishtel is an Indian academic, justice-advocate,[1][2][3][4] and a lawyer,[5][6] who co-founded the Nonprofit organization Initiative for Medicines, Access, and Knowledge I-MAK[7][8]



In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic Krishtel has published papers advocating for reform of Intellectual property|intellectual property rights of pharmaceutical companies with regards to COVID-19 vaccines, and sharing of technologies.[9][10]


Krishtel has made two successful legal challenges, including one against Abbott Laboratories attempts to patent a process associated with its HIV medication Aluvia.[5]

She argued in 2018 that public enthusiasm for intellectual property rights reform is at an all time high[11], and stated in 2020 that there is not a correlation between protecting patents of pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical innovation.[12]

As the Executive director of the Initiative for Medicines, Access, and Knowledge, Krishtel has campaigned in India and USA for increased affordability of pharmaceuticals through reform of Intellectual property.[5] In 2021 she accused US pharmaceutical companies of abusing intellectual property law to enhance their monopolistic positions.[5]

Krishtel stated that many medicinal patent applications, rather than being for new medicinal formulas, are trivial tweaks to drug administration regimes or process.[5] In 2021 she stated that intellectual property law reform alone would not be enough to improve access to COVID-19 vaccine|COVID-19 vaccines and that "tech transfer" was also needed, meaning that the technical and human resources to make vaccines should be shared by western pharmaceutical companies with people in Developing country|low income countries.[13] Responding to criticism of the "tech transfer" argument in which it was said that local manufacturing of vaccines increased safety risks, she told CBS News that such defences of the status quo were racist assumptions, grounded in the false perspective that low income countries lacked manufacturing capacity and a safety regulatory framework.[14]

In 2021 she stated that the free market ideology isn't working - neither for people in developing countries, nor for people in USA.[15] She called Donald Trump's prioritisation of vaccines for American citizens the "the beginning of a new Hunger Games".[16]

In August 2021 she pointed out that 55% of people in developed countries have been vaccinated, while for people in developing countries the number is 1%.[17]


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