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Anatoliy D. Pomogailo
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Born(1939 -12-03)December 3, 1939
Mirovka, Kagarlyksk district, Kiev region
DiedSeptember 3, 2015(2015-09-03) (aged 75)
Alma materOdessa I. I. Mechnikov National University

Anatoliy D. Pomogailo (December 3, 1939 – September 6, 2015) – the Russian and Soviet scientist in the field of macromolecular сhemistry (in particular, he made a significant contribution in the creation of a new branch – chemistry of macromolecular metal complexes) and metal complex catalysis. He developed a new branch of science – catalysis of polymer- immobilized metal complexes. New types of heterogenized high-effective catalysts of poly- and сopolymerization of ethylene, hot-setting of phenol-formaldehyde olygomers, hydrogenation and oxygen and peroxide oxidation of alkanes and cycloalkanes, hydroformylation and others were created with his participation. New phenomena in catalysis of polymer-immobilized complexes (extremal dependencies of activities from surface density of metal complex, from temperature, etc.).

A.D. Pomogailo developed nanocatalysts of basic organic reactions by polymer- mediated synthesis. In the 2000-s he developed new branch of one-stage synthesis of structurally homogeneous macrocomplexes, which consists of synthesis and polymerizing transformations of metal-containing monomers. New ways of transformations of metal monomers into metal polymers, as for solid phase, were discovered. On the base of such metal containing polymers original types of precursors for high-temperature superconductor ceramics, polymer ferromagnetic, ingredients of polymer-polymer and hybrid compositions, etc. were get. Beside this, his scientific interests were connected with polymer-immobilized cluster and nonoscale particles of metals. New types of metal polymer nanocomposites were obtained and characterized by him.


A. Pomogailo was born on December 3, 1939 in the village of Mirovka, Kagarlyksk district, Kiev region.

In 1957 he graduated from the high school.

In 1965 A. Pomogailo graduated with honors from the Department of Physical chemistry of Polymers and Colloids, Faculty of Chemistry, Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University.

From 1960 to 1963 A. Pomogailo served in the ranks of the Soviet Army (Krasnoyarsk city).

From 1963 to 1965 he worked as an engineer, foreman and the head of the central laboratory of the Odessa plant (producing plasticized PVC and film LDPE). This is where the scientific activity of A. Pomogailo started.

From October 1965 to February 1972 A. Pomogailo was a junior, then a senior researcher at the Institute of Chemistry of Oil and Natural Salts of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR (Guryev), later – a postgraduate student of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR by distance learning.

In 1970 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of chemical sciences.

From February 1972 to September 2015 A. Pomogailo was the senior engineer, then the junior researcher, later – the leading researcher, the head of the group, the head of the laboratory of metal polymers, the chief researcher at the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Chernogolovka). In 1981 A. Pomogailo defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Chemical Sciences. In 1991, the Higher Attestation Commission of the Council of Ministers of the USSR awarded A. Pomogailo with the title of Professor in the specialty of "Chemistry of high-molecular compounds".

Anatoliy D. Pomogailo is the author of 400 scientific papers (38 in high-ranking Russian and international journals in the last 5 years), 4 chapters in monographies, 12 monographies, including 5 of its which were published in prominent foreign publishing houses, 2 of those – in the last 5 years). He held more than 100 copyright certificates and patents. Informal community of researches of Rostov State and Pedagogical Universities, Odessa University, Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of National Academy of Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, Institute of Organic Synthesis UBr RAS work under his scientific guidance. He was a special courses lecturer in Uralsk Pedagogical Institute for several years. He conducted lectures and practical classes in Moscow Aviation Institute in 2015.

12 candidate and 3 doctoral theses were prepared under his supervision. A. Pomogailo was a visiting professor in Lawrenceville University (New Jersey, September-October 1989), University of Auburn (Alabama, May-June 2001), Warsaw University of Technology (2002), Bremen and Oldenburg Universities (May-June 2004), Odessa University. He was awarded by the State Scientific Scholarship for a number of years. Anatoliy Pomogailo was a member of Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on catalysis (3 laboratories of polymer branch are included in the research program) and Scientific Council of the Institute and Scientific Council of section № 5 in IPCP RAS. He acted as an official opponent for the protection of candidate and doctoral dissertations repeatedly (more than 15 times), reviewed more than 50 articles in domestic and foreign scientific journals, was a reviewer of manuscripts of 4 scientific monographs. He was a member of organizing committees of numerous Russian and International Conferences: in the field of Nanochemistry (Chernogolovka, 2001), International Symposium on Macromolecule-Metal Complexes (Leiden,1997, New York, 2001, Moscow, 2003), Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science Conference on Advanced Materials & Technologies, AMT (Gdansk-Jurata, 2001, Lodz, 2004), International Conferences: Chemistry of Highly Organized Substances and Scientific Fundamentals of Nanotechnology (St. Petersburg-Khilovo, 2001, 2003, 2005), Chemistry of Oligomers (Odessa, 2005). Anatoliy D. Pomogailo was the member of editorial board of scientific journals «Hydrogen Power Engineering» (In Russ.) and «Advanced Materials».


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Participation in organization of some conferences:

1. 10th IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecule-Metal Complexes, 18-23 May, 2003, Moscow

2. IV International conference "Chemistry of high organized substances and scientific grounds of nanotechnology, 28th of June — 2nd of July 2004, Saint- Petersburg.

3. IX International conference on chechistry and physical chemistry of oligomers «Oligomers — 2005» 13-16th of September 2005, Odessa.







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