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phpFox LLC
IndustrySocial Networking software
Online Community Software
Information Technology
FounderRaymond Benc
HeadquartersUnited States of America
Area served
Key people
Nguyen Anh Hoa (CEO)
ProductsV4 Lite
V4 Pro
V4 Ultimate
ParentYouNet Group

phpFox is an open-source self-hosted social networking software that provides individuals and organizations with the tools to create an online social environment.[1] The software provides an option to build up a social network similar to Facebook on a user’s own hosting and domain.[2][3] phpFox comes with phpFox Store where third-party developers can submit and sell add-on apps, themes/templates and language packs.

phpFox’s source code for the web is released by the company under an open-source license, which allowed a large community of developers to use the code as a foundation for creating and bringing new features for their users including extensions and themes to enhance the software’s capabilities.[4]


phpFox was founded in 2006 by Raymond Benc under Benc Enterprise in Sweden. They worked on developing a social network software application that can be installed on any domain. After the launch, it was regarded as one of the best social networking software and online community software.It is one of the early platforms that provides lots of in-built features as well as an administration section of a social networking website.

In April 2016, YouNet Group announced that it has acquired phpFox to continue the development of phpFox platform. phpFox LLC was then registered in the State of California in April 2016 and Nguyen Anh Hoa (YouNet Group’s founder) was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.


phpFox software comes with advanced social networking features of the top social websites similar to Facebook and others.[5] PhpFox is a white-label social networking service platform based on the PHP language and popular web technology such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. Their mobile applications are based on React Native, however, its full React Native source code was not provided to end-users.[6]

The phpFox script is optimized to be the best for creating niche social networking sites with lots of built-in social features and a comprehensive administration section. The software also supports customization to change as users' demands in terms of features. phpFox comes with social networking features such as engagement where users can like, share, poke and can opt for custom privacy settings. It also has inbuilt monetization and gamification integration with multilingual languages, multi-currency and third party translation. The software has user engagement features such as activity points, eGift and promotions offer that can engage users’ interaction and activities on the platform.


The company offers three plans for companies and individuals to launch their social networking service. All of their plans come up with free 12-month software updates.

  • phpFox LITE: This plan includes photos, music, pages & groups, events and other social networking features with community support.
  • PRO: Along with all LITE plan features, it additionally includes engagement features, monetization, reactions and feed status background with community support with 60 days via tickets.
  • ULTIMATE: Along with all PRO plan features, it additionally includes premium white-label mobile applications, iOS & Android platforms and free 3 mobile builds with community support with 60 days via tickets.


The source code for phpFox web app is open-source: developed in private by the company, released publicly when a new version or update of phpFox is released. phpFox publishes most of the code under the non-copyleft License, which allows modification, however, it does not grant rights to the "phpFox" trademark.


  • 2017: Best Social Network Solution Runner up
  • 2012: Best Social Networking Solution[7]


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