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Philippe Longchamps
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Born (1974-05-07) May 7, 1974 (age 47)
Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada
  • teacher
  • author
  • singer-songwriter

Philippe Sébastien Longchamps (French pronunciation: [Help:IPA|ˈfɪlɪp sebastjɛ̃ lɔ̃ʃɑ̃]) is a Canadian-Swedish teacher, author and singer-songwriter originating in Quebec, Canada and recipient of the award "Sweden’s Best Teacher 2020".[1]

Early life


Born on 7 May 1974, Longchamps grew up in the borough of Rock Forest in the city of Sherbrooke[2] in the predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec in Canada. He received his first schooling at La Maisonnée in Rock Rock Forest, Sherbrooke. His second grade teacher, Laure Plante, received a special mention in Longchamps's acceptance speech upon receiving his teaching award in 2020.[3] When Longchamps turned 11 he was sent to a French-speaking, all-boys, Catholic Boarding School approximately 30 km from his childhood home on the shores of Lake Massawippi

Undergraduate studies

Cégep de Sherbrooke - from 1991

University of Pittsburgh: Semester at Sea - spent six months at sea around the world onboard the SS. Universe as part of the Semester at Sea[4] having the benefit of acquiring tuition from certain guest lecturers such as Peter Arnett, Daniel Everett and James W Long.[5]

Bishop’s University - BA in History - from 1993

El Colegio de México - from 1999

Postgraduate studies

Université du Québec à Montréal / UQAM (Canada) - Upon finishing his research in Mexico City, Longchamps returned to Québec to complete his Master of Arts degree in history at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM). His main area of study endeavoring to analyse the strategies of the Christian Democratic Party (Chile)|Chilean Christian Democratic Party as an opposition party facing Popular Unity Political Alliance during the three years preceding the coup d’état on the 11th of September 1973. He completed his Thesis[6] under the supervision of the Chilean Historian and Professor at UQÀM, Dr. José Del Pozo,[7] in Santiago de Chile and Valparaíso, Chile, in 2001

Semester at Sea - As part of the of his undergraduate studies, and the Semester at Sea, Longchamps visited Japan, China, India, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco and many more including a field study in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.[8]

Emigrating to Sweden - In July 2002 he decided to emigrate to Sweden, an event described in the University paper Actualités UQÀM as being due to "meeting his future wife, at UQÀM while finishing his Master's Degree in History".[9]

Becoming a teacher

Longchamps first held a teaching position in Sweden at Medborgarskolan in Malmö and Lund where he taught French and English Conversation between 2002 and 2003, and after that at Modersmålscentrum until 2004 after which he assured his current position at Bilingual Montessori School of Lund where he has taught since, except for a three-and-a-half-year period further north in Sweden where he worked at Malung-Sälen Gymnasieskola and malungs Centralskola.

Longchamps completed a BA in Education for Teaching in Compulsory School, Later Years at Malmö University in 2015.[10]

Bilingual Montessori School of Lund

Longchamps has been Head of Department at the Bilingual Montessori School of Lund (BMSL) for grade 7-9 since 2015.[11] BMSL uses a method called Language Immersion Methodology.[12]

Didactic approach

Transdisciplinary and active

Longchamps uses a variety of methods and approaches in his teaching, all to increase students' understanding and internalisation of the central content of the subjects.[13] Longchamps's Interdisciplinarity|interdisciplinary work, through collaborations with his organisation's other teachers, but also between his own subjects, initiates, develops, implements, evaluates and improves a multidisciplinary approach where the subjects interact.[14] He held a lecture at Seoul National University of Education, South Korea, on the 18th October 2019, where he explained his interdisciplinary teaching methodology[15] in the subjects of History, Geography and Technology. The Active Learning Method was used by Longchamps after the discovery of the South Korean pedagogical material 4DFrame, which he first encountered at Vattenhallen Science Center in Lund, Sweden.[16]

Critically thinking and chronological

chronological uses an approach that goes from prehistory - history - present - future.[3] This was a main topic at a talk at Stockholm Museum of Science and Technology on the 12th of December 2019 and of his Article in the proceedings of the International Conference on the Advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics 2020 “Borderless Connectivity”.[17]

Awards and honors

Sweden’s Best Teacher 2020

In May 2020 Longchamps was awarded “Sweden’s Best Teacher 2020”[18] at a ceremony organised by the Chambers of Commerce at Malmö Stock Exchange on May 29th.[18]

Educator Award 2019, South Korea

On 19 October 2019, Longchamps received an Educator Award at the Seoul National University of Education from Chungwon Cho, President of the Foundation for the Advancement of STEAM fields|STEAM and chairman of the Ministry of Education, Science and South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology for his great contribution and dedication on promoting STEAM education internationally.[19]

Acknowledgement Award 2002, Chile

Longchamps received a medal of acknowledgement from the Vice-President of Chamber of Deputies of Chile in 2002 for his research on the Attitude of the Christian Democratic Party of Chile towards Salvador Allende between 1970 and 1973.

Media coverage

Extensive media coverage has followed in the wake of receiving the Sweden's best Teacher Award in Sweden 2020 both nationally and internationally,[20] specifically extensive reporting has occurred in Longchamps's native Canada,[12][21][9][22] and, for example, in an interview with Paul Arcand.[23] According the website Trendolizer,[24] the article regarding Philippe Longchamps winning the Best Teacher in Sweden 2020 Award[25] was the “most trending news in Canada” on the 2nd of June 2020.


Atlas Volt

Longchamps is the founder and frontman of Atlas Volt[26] an independent music duo[27] formed in Malmö, Sweden in 2012.[28] The duo was created as a collaboration between Longchamps and British guitarist and sound engineer Adam Hansen-Chambers. Their song, Shine Your Own Light, became number one on the Swedish National Public Radio chart for unsigned artists after spending five weeks in the top ten chart of P3-Star radio show in 2013. The duo released an EP in 2013, an LP in 2015 and a few singles in 2020.

Other ventures

In 2016 Longchamps joined the band Omesse,[29] an independent music project founded by Viktor Borrgren, Emily Cacciola & Philippe Longchamps.[30]


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