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Phat Pandaz NFT
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Developer(s)Phat Panda

Phat Pandaz NFT is a cannabis-driven, generative NFT project created by Phat Panda, a leading American legal adult-use cannabis multi-state operator known for providing high-quality cannabis across the country. The idea behind the inception of this project was to create a thriving Web 3.0 community through the ownership of unique digital art collectibles (NFTs).[1]

Phat Pandaz is a collection of 9898 NFTs - each Pandaz is one-of-a-kind, with over 300 different qualities including emotions, headwear, attire, and more. This NFT l be available for minting at flexible pricing ranging from 0.1 ETH to 0.3 ETH.[2]

Apart from that, Phat Pandaz is also committed to giving back to society and will donate 7% of its proceeds to various nonprofit organizations such as Last Prisoner Project, WWF, Meals on Wheels America Venessa Behan, My Stuff Bags Foundation, and others.[3]


Phat Pandaz NFT was founded by a leading West Coast cannabis brand, to bring NFT to Cannabis Community. In a short span of time, Phat Panda grew to become a $500M recreational cannabis business and into one of the largest privately held Multi-State Operators selling legal cannabis.[4]

Participants will also receive Pandaz clothing, hemp seeds, and access to the PandaVerse in addition to holding the Phat Pandaz NFTs. The "PandaVerse," a fun, interesting, and enthusiastic Web 3.0 cannabis community, will be the focus of this new NFT project. The new PandaVerse Discord[5] will become a safe space for Pandaz to discuss cannabis and non-cannabis topics. Pandaz token holders will be invited to an open PandaVerse forum every quarter or so to explore new ideas for the Phat Panda brand as a whole. The NFT project will also hold an open discussion (and possibly a vote) on what new strains Phat Panda should develop, new ideas for the project, and any new strains Phat Panda should introduce into their mother room![6]

Phat Pandaz also has real-world collaborations with firms and brands like Surfrseeds, EMBR Dispensaries, Grow Op Farms, Sticky Frog, and others, to which Pandaz NFT holders will have immediate access.[7]



In this phase, Phat Pandaz did wildfire marketing along with facilitating with brands and running a merch store. This phase also served as the launch pad for the project. Apart from that, Phat Pandaz also entered into several strategic partnerships, organized Whitelist giveaways, and a prize pool.

Mint + Reveal

As of early 2022, Phat Pandaz is doing marketing for its Gas Pas Mint, Whitelist Mint. During this phase, the Pandaz Merch Store will also go live on the market.

Onward + Upward

In the upcoming future, Phat Pandaz will further market its Mint passes along with developing the PandaVerse as a whole.



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