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IndustryE-Commerce (Food and Delivery)
Founded2018; 4 years ago (2018)
FounderOleksandr Ivanov
HeadquartersDelaware, US
  • Online Food Ordering APP, Table Booking (Dine-in)
  • Video menus
  • Promotions - Digital marketing
  • NPS feedbacks for small businesses

PepperPin is a digital platform founded in 2018. The company specializes in offering one-click services to small and medium-sized businesses in the foodservice industry.[1]

PepperPin is headquartered in Delaware US, with operations in more than 100 countries. PepperPin has gained recognition for providing information, menus, and user reviews of restaurants as well as offering food delivery options from partner restaurants on a single platform.


PepperPin was founded in 2018 with the aim to create a platform that facilitates easy food ordering, restaurant booking and contributes to the food community to provide single click and best checkout experience.

Since its inception, PepperPin has expanded its services by tying up with numerous restaurants across the country both in state and localized suburbs offering multiple cuisines. PepperPin’s application is available for the business owners and their staff members, which is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile phones, whereas the company’s website and client web application is available for the customers/users.

Apart from that, PepperPin also facilitates digital marketing solutions for the restaurants by offering them a platform to promote their brand on social media via curated advertisement leveraging AdWords, Instagram, Facebook, Google Search, Google Maps, and other options.

Products and services

PepperPin’s web application provides a vast range of services including a complete online video menu option of all the affiliated restaurants. Users can access easy-to-navigate QR video menus, order food or reserve a table with a single click, request a bill/receipt, call waiter, leave an instant feedback, review order history, and write reviews. They can also pay for food from participating restaurants via this web application directly from the phone browser without installing any additional software.

  • For restaurant business owners, PepperPin offers a mobile application where they can accept online orders for takeout, delivery, accept reservations, reserve tables for guests, and control business processes in the restaurant digitally. The Business Application also has a guests list that allows them to meet all guests in person
  • For restaurant managers, PepperPin offers a mobile application to help them to take online orders for the clients, reserve tables, resolve conflicts, assign couriers, add experimental dishes to the menu, and disable dishes from the menu in 1 click. Operations for all clients are saved in CRM, maintaining day-to-day activities on a secure platform.
  • For couriers, PepperPin offers a mobile application to get delivery orders and an optimal route.
  • For end customers, PepperPin hosts a web application with services on behalf of affiliated restaurants. On this website, the clients can choose from a multitude of options via a QR streamlined menu, which can also be repurposed by the business owners on their website, social media handles or advertisements.

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