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Pepe Serret
Josep Serret Borda
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Born(1941-06-17)June 17, 1941
Vallfogona de Balaguer
Died(1993-01-25)January 25, 1993
Cause of deathTraffic accident
Known forEconomist and member of Opus Dei

Josep Serret Borda, also known as Pepe Serret, was born in Vallfogona de Balaguer (Lleida) on June 17, 1941. He died in a traffic accident on January 25, 1993..[1]


Josep Serret Borda (1941-1993) was a Catalan entrepreneur. Educated in Terrassa, he excelled Nestlé. He was also member of Opus Dei. He passed away in a traffic accident in 1993. His life is commemorated in biographies like "Pepe Serret: Recuerdos de sus amigos" and "Himno a la vida.[2]"


He pursued his early studies at the school in Vallfogona de Balaguer and continued at the school of the Brothers of La Salle in Reus. In Terrassa, he studied Industrial Technical Engineering. His education was further complemented with a master's degree from Esade and the Program for Senior Management (PADE) at [IESE (Barcelona)[3].

Personal Life

In 1965, he married Roser Simó Cima, with whom he had eleven children: María de los Ángeles, María del Carmen, Roser, Jaime, Toni, Josep, Jordi, Kiko, Rafa, Mariona, and Joan[4]

Since May 1980, he has been a Supernumerary member of Opus Dei. Upon his passing, his friends and colleagues compiled about a hundred portraits in a book titled Pepe Serret: Memories from his friends.[5]

Years later, the first biography of "Pepe Serret: Himno a la Vida" was published in 2000. It is a biography of the businessman Josep Serret Borda (1941-1993).[6][7][8][9]

Currently, there is a study underway to consider him as a candidate to begin the process of beatification.

Professional Career

His professional career began at the companies "Agut S.A." in Terrassa, and "Samí" in Balaguer. In 1969, he joined the company Granja Castelló, in Mollerussa, and was assigned to the factory in León ("Lecherías del Noroeste S.A."), where he worked for nine years. In 1977, he returned to Mollerussa, where he was appointed Managing Director, a position he held until 1991. On January 1, 1992, he joined "Nestlé AEPA", and assumed the position of Managing Director of "Productos del Café S.A.", in Reus[10] He passed away in a traffic accident on January 25, 1993, while returning from Madrid to attend a parents' meeting at his children's school.

Books about his life

Over the years, several biographies have been published about the life and legacy of Pepe Serret. Notable works include "Pepe Serret: Recuerdos de sus amigos" (1993), "Himne a la vida: Una semblança de Josep Serret" (2000), and "Pepe Serret: himno a la vida" (2001, with a third edition in progress). These books provide a more detailed insight into his life, career, and impact on the community.


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