Pennaal - the music series

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Pennaal - the music series
Written by
  • Shyla Thomas
  • Shaani Hafees
Music by
  • Gayathri Suresh
  • Madhuvanti Narayan

Pennaal (പെണ്ണാൾ) is a Malayalam word meaning "The Woman". The name Pennaal is also associated with a Malayalam music series that features the five stage of a woman's life. The Pennaal music series consists of 5 songs that depicts the 5 stages in a woman's life - from Childhood, Adolescence, Youth, Motherhood to Old age. The theme of Pennaal was conceptualized by Shyla Thomas[1], who is a lyricist, media person and technology entrepreneur. Shyla was joined by Dr. Shani Hafees, an ayurvedic doctor and medical entrepreneur. Pennaal is known and acclaimed to be the first of this kind in Malayalam music industry. Apart from presenting a series of songs totally made by women, the initiative focuses on various aspects of the influence of women in the society.[2][3][1]

Stage 1 - Baalyam (ബാല്യം)

The first song 'Baalyam’ was sung by the well-known child artist Sreya Jayadeep. This was released on 03 March 2019 in connection with Women's day.[4][5]

Basic Information - Stage One - Baalyam

Lyrics Shyla Thomas
Singer & Artist Sreya Jayadeep[6]
Music Gayathri Suresh
DOP Chinnu Kuruvilla & Sumesh Sukumaran
Programming Jecin George
Mixing & Mastering Renjith Rajan
Released by M. Jayachandran (Music Director)
Release date 03 March 2019[7]
Label Muzik247

Stage 2 - Kaumaaram (കൗമാരം)

After the success of the Baalyam project, 'Kaumaaram' (Adolescence) under the direction of National award-winning actress Surabhi Lakshmi was released on 26 July 2019. Kaumaaram marked Surabhi's debut as a director. The song portrayed a girl's surrealistic thoughts after she is taken away by "Nangiarkoothu", a traditional artform and the associated elements.[8][9]

The releases of these songs on Youtube were announced via social channels by the leading artists like M Jayachandran, Anoop Menon, Tovino Thomas, Miya, Anu Sithara, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Nimisha Sajayan and Samyuktha Menon.[10][11]

Apart from Surabhi Lakshmi, Kaumaaram carried several industry stalwarts like Cinematographer Pappinu, Sound designer Renganath Ravee and Colorist Remesh CP. Shyla Thomas penned Kaumaaram and Baalyam to Gayathri Suresh's soulful music. The song Kaumaaram was rendered by Dr.Shani Hafees.[12]

Basic Information - Stage Two - Kaumaaram

Direction Surabhi Lakshmi (Debut Direction)
Lyrics Shyla Thomas
Singer Dr. Shani Hafees
Music Gayathri Suresh
DOP Pappinu
Programming Jecin George
Sound Design Renganath Ravee
Sound Engineer Vaitheeswaran Sankaran
Mixing & Mastering Renjith Rajan
On Screen artists Meenakshi Binesh, Dr. Indhu G, Kalamandalam Aswathy Aneesh, Margi Visishta, Margi Aswathy
Released by Tovino Thomas, Miya, Anu Sithara, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Nimisha Sajayan and Samyuktha Menon
Release date 26 July 2019
Label Muzik247

Stage 3 - Youvanam (യൗവനം)

Youvanam (Youth) [5] is the third in the Pennaal Series. The song revolves on the story of a village girl who works as a weaver and is mind-engulfed in her memories of a love affair. The visuals colorfully depict and represents the story and affection, while presenting looms and the weaving process to viewers. The song is also a delightful tribute to uphold the dying Handloom industry which is badly in need of a revival. Directed by Shyla Thomas, the song is written and sung by Dr. Shani Hafees under the music direction from Maduvanthi Narayan. Actress and dancer Asha Sarath released the first look poster and the song was released by Padmashree Mohanlal on 01 March 2020.[13][6]

Basic Information - Stage Three - Youvanam

Direction Shyla Thomas
Lyrics & Singer Dr. Shani Hafees
Music Madhuvanthi Narayan
DOP Pappinu
Programming Vijay
Sound Design Renganath Ravee
Sound Engineer Vaitheeswaran Sankaran
Mixing & Mastering Sujith Sreedhar, 2BQ Studios, Chennai
Flute Vishnu Vijay
Location & Support Shobha Viswanath, Weaver's Village
On Screen artists Dhanya Ananya, Aami, Shini V, Anamika V Roy
Released by Mohanlal
Release date 01 March 2020
Label Muzik247

Next stages in the series

Stage 4: Motherhood (Maathruthvam) and Stage 5: Old age (Vaardhakyam)

The women within Pennaal

Post the works on this project, a group of women associated themselves to be called as Pennaal. They include the major contributors of the project - namely Shyla Thomas, Dr. Shani Hafees, Surabhi Lakshmi, Gayathri Suresh, Chinnu Kuruvilla, Madhuvanthi Narayan, Smitha Saleem, Archana Gopinath and Devi Manoj.[7][14]


Pennaal music series - comprising of 5 songs portraying the 5 major milestones of a woman's life - is the first of its kind in Malayalam music industry.[15]

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