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Peng Hongling
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Other namesHoriike Hiroshi(Japanese)
Genlin(stage name)
Alma materShanghai University
  • Entrepreneur
  • philanthropist
  • Peng Xinchao (father)

Peng Hongling, also known as Horiike Hiroshi (Japanese) and Genlin (stage name), is a Chinese entrepreneur, philanthropist, painter, animal activist and the founder of Large Horse International (Group) Company Limited and World Dog Alliance.


Peng Hongling was born in Shanghai with ancestral origin in Guizhou, China. His father was Peng Xinchao. After Peng Hongling graduated from the International Business School of Shanghai University, he moved to Japan and worked in Sojitz|Nissho Iwai Corporation. He founded Large Horse International (Group) Company Limited in 1994 in Hong Kong.[1]

Peng Hongling is committed to charity and public welfare undertakings, He donated to build schools, libraries, gymnasiums, and to establish a number of scholarships. He promised that "90% of his personal property will be used for charity, and 10% will be reserved for his family."[2]

In 1995, he founded Peng Xin Chao Foundation in Guizhou using his father's name in 1995, donating to build a primary school and library. He also founded other charity organizations, such as Genlin Foundation and Genlin World Heritage Foundation.[1][3] Since 2007, Genlin Foundation has established "Shanghai University Genlin Sports Elite Award Fund", "Shanghai University Genlin Art Elite Award Fund" and "Shanghai University Foreign Language School Genlin Education Fund", and donated to build Genlin Tennis Hall.[4]

Peng Hongling's artwork include numerous pieces of oil painting featuring dogs, exhibited in Dog Lovers' Day. He once stated that he would not sell or gift his paintings to anyone, and imperfect ones would be destroyed.[5]

Peng Hongling is also an honorary director and outstanding alumni of Shanghai University[6][7], honored as Visiting Professor and Outstanding Alumnus by Shanghai University Academy of Fine Arts.[5]

Animal Protection

In 2014, Peng Hongling realized dog meat was a "cuisine" in his hometown Guizhou, and decided to campaign for legislation to outlaw human consumption of dog meat. He founded World Dog Alliance (WDA) the same year, aiming to push forward "Explicit Legislation against Dog Meat Consumption" in Asia.[1][8] He scripted and directed the documentary Eating Happiness, traveling to places including China, Korea and Vietnam to film the situation of dog meat industry.[9][10]

In 2019, he established Asia Animal-friendly Alliance with Wang Yumin, a member of Taiwan Legislative Yuan and Kusuo Oshima, a member of House of Councillors (Japan). [11]

Related events

In 2007, Peng Hongling bought a mansion in Malibu, Los Angeles County, United States. Later he noticed the actual area was one third less than what was promised by the agency of the seller. In 2010, he sued the agency of the sellfer and Real estate agency.[12][13][14]


  • In October 2018, he was awarded the "International Dog Lover Award" by a parliamentary animal rights organization in Italy (issued by the member of Chamber of Deputies (Italy) Michela Vittoria Brambilla).[15][16]


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