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Paul Deleeuw
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Born (1945-10-20) October 20, 1945 (age 77)
Alma materUniversity of Connecticut School of Medicine

Paul Deleeuw (born October 20, 1945) is a former Anesthesiologist who is currently practicing as a Bariatrist and a weight loss doctor in Florida.[1] He takes a keen interest in pharmacology, weight reduction, acupuncture, and pain management.[2][3]

Early life and education

Paul DeLeeuw completed his high school at Cheshire Academy, followed by his graduation from Trinity College, Hartford. He then built a side career as an electronics technician. Thereafter, Paul DeLeeuw worked in his father’s hardware store for some time, but always remained doubtful of his future career path.

Paul DeLeeuw also had an inclination towards defence services, when his mother pushed him to pursue medicine instead. Thereafter, he attended the Medical School of Guadalajara only to realise that this was not the place for him.

Paul DeLeeuw finally received his medical degree from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.[4] Thereafter, he did his internship at Long Island Jewish Hospital for a year before joining the University of Missouri-Columbia as a Resident Doctor.[5]


Paul DeLeeuw decided to pursue medicine inspired by his father, who escaped Nazi Europe to become a doctor at the age of 62. Enthralled by acupuncture, Paul DeLeeuw learnt acupuncture in exchange for his work at Dottore Roccia’s clinic.[6] He took training under his supervision for two years and began to invent his own acupuncture tools to assist him in his work. Paul soon came across acupuncture anesthesia, which required another invention.[7]

In 1978, Paul became an anesthesiologist at Cedars Medical Centre.[8] Thereafter, he was promoted to Chief of Anaesthesia at Cedars and stayed in that job until 2002.

After gaining some experience at Cedar, Paul DeLeeuw went on to become the Director of Anaesthesia Services at Riverwalk Surgery Centre. However, he couldn’t work as an Anesthesiologist for a long time owing to his shoulder injury. This was when he switched his specialization to that of a weight loss doctor.[9][10]

Paul DeLeeuw then worked as a bariatric doctor for Bariatric Physicians and Medi Weightloss Clinics.[11] He currently examines people who want to lose weight in Orlando, Boca Raton, and Sarasota in Florida.[12]


Paul DeLeeuw is also a philanthropist who has donated more than 500 hours to Loaves and Fishes, providing meals to those in need. He has also given his time to Learning Ally, a nonprofit that provides books to people who are blind or dyslexic, as well as kids who require academic assistance.[13]

Personal life

Paul DeLeeuw married the oldest daughter of Willard Kempton in 1991. The couple is blessed with two children, Joseph, who is an ethicist and programmer; and Halley, who has had a seizure disorder since the age of 2.

In his free time, Paul DeLeeuw plays tennis and goes cycling.


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