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Patrick Goraguer
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Background information
Born (1967-03-19) 19 March 1967 (age 55)
Boulogne, Billancourt, France
Genresworld music, jazz
  • Musician
  • Composer
  • Arranger
InstrumentsPiano, drums
Years active1986–present
LabelsWarner music, Universal, Sony, Soul Note
Associated actsFemi Kuti, Arthur H

Patrick Goraguer, born in Paris France in 1967 is a piano player, drummer, composer and arranger based in Paris, France.

Early life and career

Born in a family of musicians (his father is the composer Alain Goraguer, Patrick started to play piano and drums at the age of 6, later he took harmony and compostions classes with Herve Legrand, later on he studied at Berklee college of music where he met Stephane Furic, Chris cheek and Jim Black with which he will record 4 albums for Soul Note. During these years he had the privilege to play in George Russell’s big band for the live premiere of Russell piece "Vertical Form VI." Back to France in 1993 he will mostly meet musicians from the world music scene while playing with Axel Bauer, Bruno Maman,[1] Wasis Diop and Liz Mccomb doing studio dates and writing music for TV. In 1996 he produced the albums of Faudel[2] and Gerald Toto[3]], at the same time he will record a trio album with Philippe Lebaraillec with whom he'll start a Jazz Electro project called "Moon juice."

In the year 2000 he records with Femi Kuti[4]] on the album "fight to win" with whom he will play on tour for three years and later record more albums. In 2003 he compose the music for the movie "Utopia" and a year later he produces two films score for composer Lucio Godoy.The same year he will start touring with Toto Bona Lokua and he will tour again with the band in 2008. In 2005 Patrick meet Arthur H and start touring with him, three albums and another tour will follow. That same year he will record again with longtime friend Bruno Maman on album arranged by Alain Goraguer. Via musician and friend Nicolas Repac[5]], Patrick starts playing with Malian singer Mamani Keita whom he already met on guitarist Diely Moussa Kouyate's album (le temps). Later on Patrick will record with Maxime Leforestier[6]] followed by a tour and a live album.


Femi Kuti, Salif Keita, Wasis Diop, Diely Moussa Kouyaté, Mamani Keita, Tony Allen, Lokua Kanza Arthur H, Bruno Maman, Oum, Juliette Greco, Françoise Hardy, Calypso Rose, Jane Birkin, Almo, Nicolas Repac, Rachid Taha, Angelique Kidjo, Dimitri From Paris, Teri Moise, Axel Bauer, Graeme Allwright, Alain Chamfort, Maxime Le Forestier…


Chris Jennings Drum’n Koto [7][8][9] (Mieko Miazaki) Chris Jennings Quartet (Pierre Perchaud, Manu Codjia). Stephane Furic, Jim Black, Chris Cheek, Andrew D’angelo, Eric Lohrer, Jean charles Richard, Eric Surmenian, Jorge Rossy, Pierre Perchaud, Sylvain Daniel, Alexandra Grimal, Jeanne Added, Nelson Veras, Joseph Dumoulin, Jean-Luc Ponty, Lee Konitz, Kellylee Evans, Liz McComb, Bill Evans, George Russell, Kenny Werner,[10] Richard Bona, Frederic Gassita, Guy N’sangue, Philippe Sellam, Mauro Gargano, Giovanni Ceccarelli, Matteo Pastorino, Isfar Sarabski.

Cinema (composer)

  • 2 jours a tuer by Jean Becker[11][12]]
  • Utopia by Maria Ripoll[13]


Cinema (musician)

  • Alberto Iglesias, "All About My Mother" Universal Music 1999 (Original soundtrack)
  • Lucio Godoy, "Intacto" JMB ediciones 2001
  • Qui m’aime me suive, "Qui m’aime me suive" Virgin 2006 (Original soundtrack)
  • Laurent Ferlet, "Sur le chemin de l’école" 2013 (Original Soundtrack)
  • Matthieu Chedid et Patrice Renson, "Un monstre a Paris" Universal Music 2011 (Original Soundtrack)

Television (composer)

  • Noirs de france de Pascal Blanchard et Juan Gelas
  • Noir est la couleur de Jacques Goldstein
  • Je vous ai compris de Franck Chiche
  • Le chois d'une mere de Jacques Malaterre
  • Boulevars du palais de Jacques Malaterre
  • Boris Vian swing a st germain des pres by Serge Korber

Supervision Musical Film

  • Anuman by Frederic Fougea
  • Sur le chemin de l’école by Pascal Plisson

Production Musical Film

  • A corps perdus by Sergio Castellitto
  • Cachorroby Miguel Albaladejo

Discography (Artist & Album)


  • Femi Kuti Fight to win (Universal/Barclay) 2001
  • Femi Kuti Day by day (Pias) 2008
  • Femi Kuti One people one world (Knitting Factory) 2018
  • Frederic Gassita Forever yours (AFJ/Atlantide) 2004
  • Frederic Gassita Following my stars (AFJ/Atlantide) 2008
  • Frederic Gassita With the royal philharmonic orchestra (AFJ/Atlantide) 2013
  • Frederic Gassita My experience (AFJ/Atlantide) 2015
  • Lokua Kanza "Lokua Kanza" (Universal music) 1993
  • Wasis Diop "No sant" (Universal music ) 1995
  • Mungal Patasar "Dreadlocks" (Rituals Music) 1997
  • Takuya "Three Fans" (ISM) 2000
  • Sawt el Atlas "Donia" (Sony music 2000)
  • Dimitri from paris "A night at the playboy mansion" (Astralwerks) 2000
  • Olga Roman "Vueltas y vueltas" (Karonte) 2001
  • Red Hot + Riot "The music and spirit of Fela Kuti" (MCA) 2002[15]]
  • Moonjuice "Moonjuice" (Plein gaz 2002)
  • Mighty Sparrow/Calypso rose… "[email protected] Jim's" (Virgin music) 2004
  • Olga Roman "Olga Roman 2" ( Vuetas y vueltas production ) 2005
  • Diély Moussa Kouyaté "Le Temps" (Universal music) 2008
  • Keziah Jones "Africa celebrates U2" «In the name of love» ( Shout factory) 2008
  • Salif Keita "La différence" (Universal music 2009)
  • Adama Yalomba "Kassa" (Black Eye) 2009
  • Mamani Keita "Gagner l’argent français" (No Format) 2011
  • Chinese Man "Racing with the sun" (Chinese man records) 2011
  • Regis Gizavo "Ilakake" (Cinq Planètes) 2012
  • El Gusto "El gusto" (Warner/Remark) 2012
  • Oum "Soul of morocco" (LOF/harmonia Mundi) 2013[16]]
  • Victor Démé "Yafaké" (Chapa Blues records) 2015
  • Charlotte Dipanda "Un" jour dans ma vie (Universal Music) 2018
  • Dobet Gnahoré "Miziki" (Cafe de la danse) 2018
  • Timi Dakolo "Merry Christmas darling" (EMI)


  • Stephane Furic "Kishinev" (Soul Note) 1991[17]
  • Stephane Furic "The twitter machine" (Soul Note) 1993[17]
  • Stephane Furic "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" (Soul Note) 1995[17]
  • Stephane Furic "Music for three" (Soul Note) 1997[17]
  • Chris Jennings "Chris Jennings Quartet" (Promise Land) 2011[18]
  • Chris Jennings "Drum’n Koto" 2013[19]
  • Elie Massias "Brooklyn Days" (Zeev records) 2006[20]
  • Eric Lohrer "Selene Song" (Subsequence) 2008[21]]
  • Philippe Le Baraillec "Echoes from my room" (OWL) 1996
  • Elie Massias "World in Fiction" (lunchbox records) 1998
  • Lee Konitz/G.ceccarelli "Waxin’ in camerino" (Philology) 2011
  • Karin Hammar/Chris Jennings "Land" (2012)
  • Toni Germani Quartet "Canzoni in scatola" (Slam productions) 2016
  • Mauro Gargano "Nuages" (Diggin Music) 2020[22]


  • Arthur H "L’homme du monde" (Universal) 2008
  • Arthur H "Showtime" (Universal) 2006
  • Arthur H "Amour chien fou" (Allpoints France) 2018
  • Bruno Maman "Par les temps qui courent" (FNAC/Java) 1993
  • Bruno Maman "Aujourd’hui" (Sony/Small) 1996
  • Bruno Maman "Bruno Maman" (Universal/Island) 2005[1]
  • Bruno Maman "Faire L’amour" (Universal/AZ) 2008[1]
  • Maxime Le Forestier "Le cadeau" (Universal) 2013
  • Maxime Le Forestier "Olympia 2014" (Universal) 2014
  • Pijon "Jonpi" (Mercury) 1989
  • Jean Ferrat "Dans la jungle ou dans le zoo" (Temey) 1991
  • Graeme Allwright "Lumière" (EPM Musique) 1992
  • Graeme Allwright "Live" (EPM Musique) 1994
  • Nina Morato "Je suis un vrai garçon" (Polydor )1994
  • Jérome Pijon "Aux pays des orties" (Universal 1994)
  • Jean Ferrat "Ferrat 95" (Temey) 1995
  • Jane Birkin "Version Jane" (Universal music) 1996
  • Teri Moise "Je serai la" (Virgin/ Source) 1997
  • Faudel "Baida" (Universal music 1998)
  • Gerald Toto "Les premiers Jours" (Warner music 1998)
  • Axel Bauer "Simple Mortel" (universal music 1998)
  • Nina Morato "Moderato" (Polydor) 1999
  • Superphenix "Superphenix" (Tristar/Sony) 1999
  • Lisa Barel "Lisa Barel" (Tot ou Tard) 2000
  • Menelik "Limbo Negro" (Sony music/Small) 2000
  • Jil Caplan "Toute Crue" (East west) 2001
  • Romeo "Non non non" (Tot ou Tard) 2002
  • Serge Reggiani "Autour de Serge Regianni" (Trema) 2002
  • Nana Mouskouri "Fille du soleil" (Universal) 2002
  • Fabulous Troubadous "Duel de tchatche" (Tot ou Tard) 2003
  • Bams "De ce monde" (Junkadelic Zikmu) 2005
  • Françoise Hardy "Parenthèses" (Virgin music 2006)
  • Gerald Toto "Spring fruits" (Mercoeur music) 2011
  • Juliette Greco "Ça se traverse et c’est beau" (Deutshe Grammophon) 2012
  • Sabina Sciubba "Toujours" (Bar/None Records) 2013
  • Emilie Gassin "Curiosity" (Idol /Coolangata) 2015
  • Pauline Paris "Carrousel" (Quart de lune) 2016
  • June Milo "Avril" (Sixième étage) 2019
  • Hum Hum "Traversant" (Dragon Accel) 2020


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