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Pass Your Challenge
FoundedAugust 5, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-08-05)
FounderAxel Armani
HeadquartersToronto, Ontario
ProductsPass Your Challenge EA (Software)

PassYourChallenge is an automated trading software that assists traders to get funding from proprietary firms and begin trading with large capital.[1] The company helps the traders in clearing their proprietary firm challenges to secure large funding and generate substantial profits through these funded accounts.[2]

Alongside trading in the forex markets, PassYourChallenge teaches its clients about the consistent profit-generating strategy and the steps on how to use the automated software. The company regularly shares its client success stories on its youtube and other social media handles and has amassed huge clientele in the financial markets.[3]


The company was launched in 2021, founded by Axel Armani, and headquartered in Dubai. Axel Armani has a background in business administration and has previously held the position as marketing manager for PYC, a top 100 Canadian company.[4] The company was established as a result of failing the proprietary firm challenges several times. Proprietary firms are companies that require the traders to pass an evaluation often termed a challenge in order to get access to the funds.[5] Therefore, with the objective to found the solution to pass the challenges, axe Armani created software, designed specifically to pass the evaluation and equip the traders with the ability to secure up to 6 figures in trading capital from the proprietary firms. Within a year of its launch, the firm became the biggest company in the forex space and has over 4000 daily users. The company has been successful in clearing over 3000+ evaluations and FTMO challenges.[6]

Software and operations

Axel Armani along with his team developed a strategy that would generate consistent trading profits.[7] The in-house team of developers led the designing of a specifically designed software to pass the evaluation and acquire funds.[8] After observing the success of software in helping traders, Axel developed a team of coders and software developers and translated the consistent profit generation strategy into an automated trading bot. The automated bot assists traders to obtain funds and trading capital from proprietary firms of up to 6 figures.[9]

Products and services

The PassYourChallenge software is a global digital product that has been built to assist traders in clearing their proprietary firm challenges. This helps the undercapitalized traders in securing large capital for trading. The software has been developed to function on top trading platforms such as MT4 and MT%.[10]


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