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Paragons NFT
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ReleaseJanuary 28th 2022

Paragons NFT is a community-powered project with a community vault and DAO, which launches it’s presale January 28th and main sale January 29th 2022. It is a collection of 9,424 high-definition, 3D art pieces with over 250 mystical attributes created by SPACE, a renowned digital artist best known for his inclusion of surrealism in his work.[1]

This project in its Paraverse offers a play to earn an immersive experience - where the NFT holders can have access to a wide range of these mystical characteristics, including crypto-themed jewelry, Saturn rings, a tease of philosophy, and even some aspects that are inspired by some of the greatest artists of all time.[2]


Paragons NFT was created with a primary focus on NFT collectors looking for metaverse-ready 3D generated artwork as well as those looking for projects with long-term utility and tokenomics. The project includes 9424 Metaverse-ready 3D-produced NFTs. It will be centered on the Paraverse, a 3D online application experience that holders will be able to access and explore from within the browser.

Holders of Paragon will receive more than just a digital artwork asset; they will join a community built around an immersive experience that will allow them to trade or simply hang out with one another. They will also be able to earn the native ERC-20 token through play-to-earn features, stake their Paragons for passive tokens, as well as extra NFT drops, and mint future NFTs using the resources and tokens they earn.


The roadmap for the Paragons NFT begins with the Genesis phase where the initial minting of the unique NFT’s will begin in the Paraverse. In the next phase, Paragon holders will be able to mint a free Shrine NFT that will yield resources on their land and can be harvested daily.

In the third stage, the holders will receive Paragon Landscapes that are easily accessible on their browsers.

In the fourth stage, the ERC-20 token will be released that will allow the holders to convert their gathered resources from the third stage into tokens.

In the fifth stage, 9424 Parables NFTs will become available for minting via the resources and Tokens that holders have acquired.

In the sixth stage, Holders will be able to stake their NFTs to earn Tokens passively.

In the seventh stage, Holders will be able to travel to other Paragon’s landscapes to trade resources or just hang out.

The eighth and last stage will mark the beginning of the Paraverse evolution, where the team will continue to add value into the Paraverse as well as future drops, functionality for resources and Tokens.


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