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Pancake Manor
GenreChildren's television series
Created byBilly Reid
Theme music composerBilly Reid
Opening theme"The Sights & The Sounds"
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons9
No. of episodes100 (as of Friday, June 3, 2020)
Running time2-5 minutes
Original networkYoutube

Pancake Manor is a Canadian children's music and educational YouTube series created by Billy Reid and Reb Stevenson.[1] The first music video aired on YouTube on July 23, 2011, and as of May 2020, the show is in its ninth season. The YouTube channel has over 1.3 billion video views and over 2 million subscribers.[2] In 2013 Stevenson revealed that the puppets were actually designed by Reid a few years before he knew they would be used for a children's show.[3]

In 2012, YouTube selected Pancake Manor, along with 100 other creators to produce original Olympics-themed clips for its Live in London promotion.[4]

In 2013, YouTube again invited Pancake Manor to create a video celebrating geek culture. Their video was about the seven planets of our solar system.[5]

The show has featured many Internet personalities, including Rhett and Link and Justine Ezarik


From its first episode, Pancake Manor has structured its format using fast-paced, guitar-driven music with puppets, animation, and live-action.

Pancake Manor Featured Characters

Zach and Reggie

Zach(orange puppet) and Reggie(purple puppet) are the main characters of Pancake Manor. It was revealed that they are in fact brothers.[6] Both characters are voiced and performed by Billy_Reid_(Canadian_songwriter)

Jimbo the Dragon Mailbox

Jimbo the Talking Mailbox appeared in the second "Mailbox" episode and has starred in every subsequent episode. Jimbo sees himself as a world traveler, however, he is bolted to the ground. Often Jimbo veers off on wild tangents only to have Zach or Reggie remind him he needs to read the mail. Jimbo is voiced and performed by Billy_Reid_(Canadian_songwriter).


Mama is the mother of Zach and Reggie. She often wears colorful vintage-style dresses. She is played by Reb Stevenson.


Lulu(yellow puppet) is Zach and Reggie's female next-door neighbor. She proudly states that she is "one year older," however it has never been revealed how old she is. She has bright pink hair and wears a blue dress. She is voiced and performed by Reb Stevenson.


Although not technically a featured character, Rose has appeared in a number of episodes always held by Reb Stevenson during the outro. She is a small blonde-haired baby.

Mr. Toodledoodle

Mr.Toodledoodle first appeared in a travel style episode where the character visited the small town of Hamelin. He wears bright red glasses, a blue cardigan, and a red and blue shirt. Through the video, he is shown creating hand-drawn artwork to accompany his tales.


Music Video

Most Pancake Manor videos follow a classic music video style format. Songs are sung by the Zach character in nearly all episodes, however, Reggie and Lulu have had their own songs featured as well.


Each episode begins with Zach and Reggie asking Jimbo the Dragon Mailbox if he has mail for them. When smoke billows from Jimbo's nose, the audience knows that the mail has arrived. Actual letters are then read to the audience written by children from various places around the world.


The Storytime episodes begin with Zach and Reggie on a red couch reading from their book of nursery rhymes. As Zach reads from the book, music is played underneath. All videos feature a sing-a-long chorus and multiple characters. After the first Storytime episode featured all animated storybook characters, subsequent episodes have featured a mix of animated and live-action characters in costume.

Pancake Manor Music

Pancake Manor has released five albums of music to digital stores as of June 2020. All album's are available on iTunes Store],, Spotify and other online music stores.

Pancake Manor(Sept 11, 2012)

This self-titled album featured 14 tracks of original music.

Two(Jan 30, 2014)

Two is the first to feature "public domain""nursery rhyme"songs.

Colors!(Nov 19, 2014)

The first themed children's album for "Pancake Manor," It features the popular song "Pink,", co-written and sung by Reb Stevenson.

Happy and We Know It(Jan 12, 2017)

The fourth "Pancake Manor" album features the nursery rhymes "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," and "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed." The original song My Buddy features the performer and co-writer Zachary Stevenson.

Shake It Up (June 1, 2019)

The fifth "Pancake Manor" album. Album artwork was created by toy designer and graphic artist Linda Panda.[7]


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