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Project 41K NFT is a collection of 2,500 unique exotic cars hosted on IPFS and stored as ERC-721 tokens living in the Ethereum blockchain. The project allows its members to enjoy incentives that include royalties, staking to earn, access to the Millionaires to Billionaires Mastermind, earn to learn success education, and real-life events on yachts and mansions.[1] Some of the other features include a daily success planner, daily financial planner, daily goal book, and many other features.[2]


Project 41K NFT is advocated by entrepreneurs who are passionate about making the business world more accessible. The project takes inspiration from five different exotically unique cars that include Bugatti Divo, Lambo Sian, Ford GT, Ford GT 500 Shelby, and the Ferrari. Project 41K NFT artworks are created in partnership with one of the world’s top CGI design studios that have previously worked with prominent brands such as Lamborghini, Audi, Aliexpress, and many others.[3]

Through the project’s Millionaire to Billionaire network, members will be treated to a twice-a-month live training where they can ask questions from experts and at the same time learn skills that can help them increase their ability to create more income. Members will also be given a chance to network online and in person with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs.[4]

The project allows its members to enjoy incentives that include 4% royalty split into holder pool, 1% royalty split into 5 random holders, staking to earn, access the Millionaires to Billionaires Mastermind, and earn to learn success education.[5]

There will be only 2,500 unique Exotic NFTs & 10,000 unique Private Jet NFTs available.During the pre-sale period for Project 41K Exotics, 600 Exotics will be available for 0.08 ETH each. The remaining 1,800 Exotics will be sold for 0.191 ETH during the public sale.


The members need to install a MetaMask extension and link their crypto wallet to it. The holders also need to ensure enough ETH in their wallet to cover the cost of a NFT plus the associated gas fees. Once 2,500 unique Exotic NFTs & 10,000 unique Private Jet NFTs are sold out, the member will be able to buy an Exotic/Private Jet NFT on the OpenSea for a higher price.[6]

Types and attributes

Each exotic car is uniquely designed with hundreds of possible traits ranging from colors, backgrounds, and motion graphics.

Roadmap of Project 41K NFT

The Project 41K NFT minting is expected to take place in March 2022.

600 Exotics will be available for 0.08ETH each during the pre-sale and the remaining 1,800 Exotics will be sold for 0.191ETH during the public sale. The members can also look forward to the beta launch of a personal development app, a series of giveaways where prizes include Macbook Pros, a Tesla Model X, and more.

Upon selling out 100% of the tokens, the Project 41K NFT team aims to start a $1,000,000 fund to support the initiatives of token holders. Down the line, the holders will gain access to 20+ verticals in the training library and experience the launch of GMB Education Pass NFT Collection. Once 100% exotic car tokens are sold out, the remaining funds will be allocated into a wallet dedicated for Private Jet Collection Launch.



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