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P.A. Noushad.
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Born04 May 1971.
Alma materUniversity of Kerala; Sri Venkateswara University, Andhra Pradesh.
Known forPoetry; Education.

P.A. Noushad was born to an ordinary family,[1]

Early Life and Education

P.A. Noushad was brought up in the Kozhikode district of Kerala, India completing his primary and upper primary education from Pathiripatta UP School[1] in the same district and higher secondary education from Sri Dronacharya Arts College in Kallachi, Kozhikode, Kerala. He later went on to pursue Bachelor of Arts in Politics from the Government College, Madapally, Kerala[1] under the University of Calicut. He also obtained the degree of Bachelor of Education from the University of Kerala[1] in the Year 1994 and as a Master of Arts in English Language from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi, State of Andhra Pradesh.


After obtaining degree in Education from the University of Kerala, Noushad joined MET Public School, Nadapuram as a teacher in 1994 and then joined the MIM Higher Secondary School, Perode in the Kozhikode district of the State of Kerala and left the same in 2001 for a stint in the UAE as a teacher of English in a Chinese company[1] and later rejoined the said school again since the year 2004.[1]

Published Works

  1. Touch of the Soul (Anthology) (2006).[1][2]
  2. Being Into Infinity (Anthology) (2008).[3][4]
  3. Dreams and Tears (Anthology) (2010).[1]
  4. Selected Stories of Akbar Kakkattil (translation of collection of stories by Akbar Kakkattil from Malayalam to English) (2014).[5][6][7]
  5. Luminous Thoughts (English translation of the articles by Syed Basheerali Shihab Thangal) (2014).[8][9]
  6. Love and Love (Anthology).

Awards and Recognition

He was awarded the Indian Ruminations Poetry Award, 2014 in the 10th International Writers' Festival, India[10][11] as well as the Elena Best Laureate State Award for English Literature in 2009.[7][9] His collections of poems namely 'Touch of the Soul' and 'Being into Infinity' have been translated and published in Assamese language.[12][13] Nine poems from his anthology 'Dreams and Tears' were adapted into songs for musical album by the same name and the rendered voice by acclaimed singer Sayanora Phillip, Meghna, and Pavithran Pallavi.[14] Noushad has been awarded with the Nation Builder Award, 2019 by the Rotary Club of India for his contributions in English literature, education, and athletics.[15] Mr. Noushad earned recognition from the Queen Elizabeth II for his work 'Dream and Tears' in 2012.[1][9] According to literary critic Dr. C.P. Sivadasan, "Many of his thoughts, as they appear in his poems, have a touch of originality and they are presented in a phraseology that communicates without much of an effort."[2]

As an Educator

Mr. Noushad was awarded with the Best Teacher Award in Secondary Section, 2019 by the Kerala State Government.[16][17] Apart from his regular pursuits as a teacher Mr. Noushad also trains his students in the art of composing poetry in order to help them appear in versification competitions.[2]

Representation in World Masters Athletics Championship, 2016

P.A. Noushad had represented India in the World Masters Athletics Championships, 2016 in the 200 meter running race.[18]


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