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Oleg Astakhov
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Born (1982-04-17) April 17, 1982 (age 41)
OccupationProfessional ballroom dancer
  • Beverly Hills Dance Studio
  • Ballroom Dancing LA Dance Studio
  • ViBE Dance Studio
  • Fred Astair Arcadia Dance Studio

Oleg Astakhov (born April 17, 1982) is a professional ballroom dancer, choreographer, instructor, influencer, and serial entrepreneur.[1] He is an expert in teaching basic to advanced level techniques of Latin American dances. Oleg Astakhov is the winner and finalist of major US Professional Dance Competitions.[2]

Oleg Astakhov is an award winning professional Ballroom dancer with residency in Los Angeles, California. Oleg became famous after his dance video tutorials got viral on internet. Some videos got over 46 million views on Instagram, YouTube & TikTok. Oleg Astakhov is known for working & teaching A list celebrities such as Selina Gomez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ariana Grande & others. His YouTube channel has over 200 million views and over 410k subscribers, his Facebook page "Dance With Oleg" has over 730k followers, more then 700k Instagram followers. Over all Oleg Astakhov has 2.5 million folowers through out all social medias which makes him the most famous ballroom dancer in the world. Oleg Astakhov has launched world's first Ballroom APP - "Dance With Oleg" in App Store & Google Play Store. Private dance lessons with Oleg are $500 for 45 min session and you have sign up months ahead.[3]

Astakhov has launched a Dance With Oleg application on Android and Apple play store. The application has a collection of dance video courses and programs to help people learn dance techniques and secrets to perform better.[4]


Astakhov has an experience of over 12 years teaching and training people through online videos and studio classes. He specialises in teaching adults and helping people prepare for dance reality shows and competitions. Astakhov teaches dance workouts, exercises, drills and professional dance classes. During his career, he has also worked and appeared as a choreographer on TV shows and movies.

Astakhov is the founder and creator of an android and iphone app “Dance With Oleg” where he teaches through videos courses and programs to online learners. He is also the founder and owner of dance studios including the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Arcadia, Beverly Hills Dance Studio, Vibe dance studio in Los Angeles.

Awards and recognition

US National Professional Rising Star Latin Vice Champion US Open Professional Rising Star bronze medalist Millennium Dance Sport Championship Professional Rising Star Champion Open Professional finalist, Embassy Ball Professional Rising Star Latin champion California Open Professional Championships bronze medalist Emerald Ball Professional Rising Star Champion

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