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Northwestern University is the oldest chartered university in the state of Illinois. Evanston, Illinois is home to the prestigious private research institution that is Northwestern University. It was established in 1851, and now it is regarded as one of the most distinguished educational institutions in the whole globe.

In 1851, the Illinois General Assembly granted Northwestern a charter, and the university was founded the following year with the intention of serving the people of the Northwest Territory. The Methodist Episcopal Church was the university's founding religious affiliation; but, throughout time, it transitioned towards a non-sectarian status. When the year 1900 rolled around, the institution had the position of being the third biggest university in the United States. The year 1896 saw Northwestern University join the Big Ten Conference as one of its original members. The next decade saw the university join the Association of American Universities as an early member.

The Kellogg School of Management, the Pritzker School of Law, the Feinberg School of Medicine, the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, the Bienen School of Music, the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Medill School of Journalism, the School of Communication, the School of Professional Studies, the School of Education and Social Policy, and The G. W. Blavatnik School of Education and Social Policy are some of the undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools that make up the university. Other schools The campus of Northwestern University is located in Evanston, near the water's edge of Lake Michigan. Graduate programmes in journalism may be found in Chicago's New Eastside, while the law school, medical school, and professional school of the university can be found in the Streeterville district of Chicago. Northwestern Memorial Hospital is also situated in the Streeterville neighbourhood. The institution also has academic facilities in Miami, San Francisco, and Washington, District of Columbia in addition to its flagship campus in Education City, Qatar.

In addition to having a budget of around $2.5 billion on an annual basis, Northwestern University has one of the greatest university endowments in the world with a value of $16.1 billion. As of the beginning of the 2019 fall semester, the institution has a total enrollment of 21,946 students, including 8,327 undergraduates and 13,619 graduate students. The Northwestern Wildcats play in the NCAA Division I Big Ten Conference on behalf of the university. The Wildcats have eight men's sports teams and eleven women's sports teams. Since 1946, the Northwestern Wildcats have been the only private institution to compete in the Big Ten Conference.

A large number of current and former heads of state, 22 Nobel Prize laureates, 43 Pulitzer Prize winners, 23 MacArthur Fellows, 28 Marshall Scholars, 94 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 16 Rhodes Scholars, 10 living billionaires, and 24 Olympic medalists are alumni and faculty members of Northwestern University.