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Noble Wolf Pack NFT
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Developer(s)The Noble Wolf Pack

The Noble Wolf Pack NFT also known as NWP is an Ethereum based collection of 10,000 pieces that depicts wolf character. The collection offers over 200 hand-drawn characteristics of the wolf. The artwork is programatically created and its ownership is verifiable through smart contracts. Noble Wolf Pack collection also includes ten one-of-a-kind NFTs dubbed Ultima Wolves by the creators.[1]

Being in possession of a Wolf Token confers on golders unique creative and economic rights, as well as membership in the NWP community. The creators have shared that they will merch shop will be open one week after all minting has been completed. T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, canvases, and other merchandise will be available for purchase in order to help them develop brand awareness and recognition.[2]


The Noble Wolf Pack NFT is an Ethereum blockchain-based collection of 10,000 art pieces priced at .08 ETH. The storyline revolves around A world where carnivores, animals and herbivores accepted one other and learned to cohabit in a world. However, when an asteroid struck their planet, everything altered dramatically. The asteroid made direct contact with the noble wolf reserve, killing the majority of the animals. Only 10,000 individuals survived out of the whole population of the species. As a result of this horrific tragedy, all of the wolves who survived changed and gained extraordinary abilities. With tremendous power comes great responsibility, and with great responsibility comes the birth of corruption. Half of the wolves turned against all other animals in the hopes of one day ruling the whole animal kingdom, while the other half remained honourable and committed to protecting the animal kingdom.[3]

Development of Metaverse

The development of 3D models will be undertaken in order for Noble Wolves to be accepted into the metaverse. By becoming a token holder, they will obtain unique access to the Noble wolves attire, which their noble wolf may use to blend in with the rest of the metaverse.

Roadmap of Noble Wolf Pack NFT

10%: A total of 5 Noble Wolves will be given away by the creators to their early audience and community. They will also be giving away free items to members of the community on a regular basis.

20%: A $30,000 community grant fund will be established to assist in the financing of the creative and development of the community. Furthermore, 2.5 % of all OpenSea payments will always be allocated to the community grant fund. The establishment and long-term viability of the Noble Wolf Pack are the first and most important priorities at this stage.

40%: It will be possible to claim free T-shirt from an exclusive Noble Wolf Pack merchandise shop, which will be available soon. In addition, special privileges for holders are being offered.

60%: The creators of Noble Wolf Pack NFT will donate $30,000 to a worthy charity chosen by the community.

90%: Manga begins production with the creation of 3D models for the metaverse. Apart from the whole backstory of the Noble Wolf Pack, holders may look forward to other perks associated with the manga's publication.

100%: Exclusive action figures will be created in conjunction with Funko Pops. Each holder will also get a complimentary NFT with future utility.


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