Nawaf Abu Shahrour

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Nawaf Abu Shahrour
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BornJanuary 1915
Al-Mansi, Haifa, Ottoman Empire
DiedFebruary 1998
NationalityPalestinian Arab
Other namesAbu Ghazi
Citizenship Ottoman Empire
Known forRebel Commander in the 1936–39 Palestine revolt

Nawaf Abu Shahrour (also known as Abu Ghazi) was a Palestinian rebel commander during the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in British Mandatory Palestine. He was born in the village of Al-Mansi.[1][2]

Military career

Abu Shahrour was among the highest ranking commanders in the revolt who had been previously involved in the anti-British armed movement of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam.[3] During the revolt, he served as commander of Al-Jazzar Fasil (militry band; one of the more organized and disciplined rebel band active in the revolt) under the leadership of Yusuf Abu Durra,[2]. In the opinion of the British Deputy Commissioner for the Jenin Subdistrict at the time, Abu Shahrour was the most "intelligent" rebel commander of the revolt.[3]

Following an attack by Abu Durra and Al-Jazzar Fasil comandded by Abu Ghazi in late November 1938, the British Army launched an ambush on his men,[4] while they were on their way to their Umm al-Fahm headquarters.[5] The ensuing engagement became known as the "Battle of Umm al-Zinat [or Umm al-Daraj]", due to its location outside of the village of Umm al-Zinat, which was situated in the southern foothills of Mount Carmel. The British force numbered over a thousand and was backed by 13 fighter planes, while the rebel force was considerably smaller. Abu Durra was wounded and 43 of his fighters were killed, but he managed to escape along with Abu Ghazi.


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