Nathan Sanahuja

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Nathan Sanahuja
Nathan Sanahuja.JPG
Born (2000-12-29) December 29, 2000 (age 22)
Nancy, France
  • Entrepreneur
  • influencer strategist
  • social media manager
Years active2015 - present
OrganizationNS Media
Known forInfluencer strategist

Nathan Sanahuja (born 29 December 2000 Nancy, France) is a French entrepreneur, influencer strategist, and social media manager.[1] He is best known as the founder of NS Media, a social media marketing company. Sanahuja founded NS Media 5 years ago with the vision to provide the clients access to the best influencers for their brand and exploding their online sales. Nathan Sanahuja has collaborated with big names in the influencer marketing industry like Kourtney K.[2]

Early Life and Career

Nathan Sanahuja was born in Nancy, France on 29 December 2000. He was always interested in social media and believed it had a great future. Nathan founded NS Media in 2015 to help clients find the right influencer for their social media marketing campaigns.

Currently, NS Media has 5 years of experience, has a network of 1500 + influencers worldwide, and has had 8300+ successful campaigns.[3] Nathan has also worked with big brands like Garnier and Derma Play, and well-known influencers like Kourtney K. Currently, he has 500 clients across the globe.

His goal is to provide his clients with their money's worth and ensure the influencer marketing is bringing results. Nathan's company NS Media focuses on Consulting, Linking, and campaign management. He acts as a bridge between the client, the influencers, and the target audience.

Personal life

Nathan Sanahuja spends his time between three cities Dubai, Paris, and Nancy. He loves to surf and can often be seen surfing in France.



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