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Natasha Noorani
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  • Musician
  • Ethnomusicologist
  • Co-Founder
  • Festival Director

Natasha Noorani is a Pakistani musician and ethnomusicologist from Lahore. She is the co-founder and festival director of Pakistan's premier music festival Lahore Music Meet (LMM).[1] She is known for her "Lolly-Pop" style which is a combination of retro subcontinental and electronic pop music.[2][3][4] Natasha has also performed at Boiler Room's first ever Pakistan edition.[5][6][7]

Early Life and Education

Noorani has been passionate about music from a young age, coming from a musically inclined family.[8][9] She has a BSc in Political Science from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and an MMus degree in Ethnomusicology from SOAS University of London.[1][10] Natasha was the only Pakistani to be awarded the Goethe Talents Scholarship in 2019.[11][12]


Natasha began formally began her music career in 2014 as a part of the duo indie band, Biryani Brothers.[13] Her debut EP Munaasib, was noted by the indie music scene prior to her receiving the Goethe Talents Scholarship[14][15][12]. She was launched into mainstream music in 2019 with her first VELO Sound Station single Baby Baby made in collaboration with Bilal Maqsood.[16][17] Noorani's first song from her debut album RONAQ called Choro was one of the most played songs on CITYFM89 in 2021.[18][19] She has been an ambassador for Spotify's EQUAL Pakistan campaign.[20]

Noorani has experimented with various genres including R&B, progressive rock, neo-soul and Lollywood pop.[21][1][22] She has been trained in khayal gayaki by the Pakistani Qawwal and Sufi singer, Akbar Ali.[23][24] Her collaborations are with versatile artists such as Hasan Raheem, Abdullah Siddiqui, Takatak, Talal Qureshi, Sikandar Ka Mandar, Shorbanoor and Strings.[1][8][25]

Additionally, she has experience as both a playback singer and voice-over artist.[21][11] Noorani has also recorded soundtracks for local films such as Baaji (2019) and Chalay Thay Saath (2017).[26][8]

She has received UNESCO recognition as a Creative Entrepreneur and actively serves as a consultant for diverse cultural projects, including the British Council Pakistan and Music Connect Asia.[27] Noorani has also been a promoter of local talent via curating music for various entities such as NTS. She has also curated the 2020 and 2021 Pakistan Super League (PSL) anthems and Coke Studio Season 14.[26][28] In Coke Studio Season 10, she held the position of General Manager.[12][29] This led to her managing Strings, overseeing the release of their album 30.[26][16][12] In addition to her various endeavors, she has worked as a Marketing Executive at CityFM89 radio station.[26]

Peshkash, the brainchild of Noorani, is a notable undertaking that seeks to archive and promote 20th Century Pakistani music.[30] Insights derived from her archival work have found publication in Dawn and Herald.[31]

Her social work also includes creating a song Pyaar Banto for Down Syndrome awareness in collaboration with Ali Hamza, Nafisa Khalid, Bilal Ali and Haroon Shahid.[32]


Singles and collaborations

Year Track Name Artist(s)
2017 Maladaptive Gentle Robot, Natasha Noorani
2017 Prognosis Ali Suhail, Natasha Noorani
2018 Ikisvi Sadi Natasha Noorani, Zahra Paracha
2019 Sab Theek Ho Jaye Ga Natasha Noorani, Zahra Paracha
2020 Constant Summer Natasha Noorani, Talal Qureshi
2020 Baby Baby Natasha Noorani
2020 Hum Dono Natasha Noorani, Strings
2020 Frontline Abdullah Siddiqui, Natasha Noorani
2020 Trace Natasha Noorani, Shorbanoor
2021 Saazishen KiliHippie, Natasha Noorani
2021 Choro Natasha Noorani, Abdullah Siddiqui
2022 Flash Your Bones Takatak, Natasha Noorani, Talal Qureshi
2022 Faltu Pyaar Hasan Raheem, Natasha Noorani
2022 Bojh Nadir Shahzad, Natasha Noorani
2022 Pyaar Banto Natasha Noorani, Ali Hamza, Nafisa Khalid, Bilal Ali, Haroon Shahid
2023 Chamkeela Natasha Noorani


Year Film Track Name Artist(s)
2017 Chalay Thay Saath Bolo Sikandar Ka Mandar, Natasha Noorani
2019 Baaji Ye Aaj Mujh Ko Kya Hua Jamal Rahman, Natasha Noorani, Aima Baig


Year EP Track Name Artist(s)
2018 Munaasib To Get Her Natasha Noorani
Fever Dream Natasha Noorani
Apocalypse How? Natasha Noorani
Work Natasha Noorani
Occupy Natasha Noorani

Studio Album

Year Album Track Name Artist(s)
2023 RONAQ Choro Natasha Noorani
Laiyan Natasha Noorani, Talal Qureshi
Baaz Natasha Noorani, Abdullah Siddiqui
Matlabi Natasha Noorani, Talal Qureshi


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