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Nagy Boglárka
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Born (1990-10-13) October 13, 1990 (age 33)

Boglárka Nagy (born 13 October 1990, Vác) is a Hungarian painter. Widely acclaimed for her work, she is one of the outstanding contemporary representatives of realist painting in Hungary.

Her biography

Boglárka Nagy spent her childhood in the town of Vác, where she showed her talent for art at an early age. She completed her secondary school studies at the Boronkay György Technical Secondary School and High School in Vác between 2005 and 2009. During this period, he already showed a strong interest in painting and participated in the Art Lavina Art Studio.

Between 2009 and 2012, he graduated from Eszterházy Károly College in Eger, Hungary, with a degree in Fine Arts - Painting. This period was a milestone in her development and gave her the opportunity to deepen her technical skills and find her individual style. After successfully completing her degree, she continued her studies abroad.

In 2012, he was admitted to the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. In 2013 she participated in a training course organized by László Gyémánt Atelier in Budapest.

From 2018 to 2019, he was a member of the Paris Academy of Arts (Paris, France), and in 2021 he was admitted to the Florence Academy of Arts (Florence, Italy), one of the world's leading art institutions.

In addition to regular solo and group exhibitions, he has been successful in Hungarian and international auctions. One such occasion was the Sotheby's London 2016 auction '20th Century Art - A Different Perspective', where his work 'Summer Love' sold alongside names such as Lajos Kassák, Attila Szűcs and Judit Reigl. He repeated his success at the same auction in 2019 with 'My Name Is White'. He was the first Hungarian artist to be included in the LUMAS international portfolio in 2017.

Boglárka Nagy is not only active in the world of self-expression. She gives students and young artists the opportunity to participate in her trainings and workshops, where she shares her knowledge and experience, contributing to the artistic development of the next generation.

Her art

Boglárka Nagy's works represent the trend of realistic painting, capturing mainly the fullness of life and human portraits, sometimes in a lighter, pop-artistic tone, sometimes in a deep and lyrical way.In her paintings she puts great emphasis on the relationship between light and shadow, using it not only as a means of expressing rich visual contrasts, but also as a means of conveying spiritual values in her art.

Perhaps his best-known main series 'LIGHT WATER FLOW', from the start of his independent career, has been continuously expanded with new paintings since 2013. Within these, there is a particular emphasis on his sometimes frivolous and provocative, sometimes deep and sensitive portraits and portraits of people. This includes his 'VENUS' series, which deals with female identity and body image in the 21st century, and recurring motifs in his paintings of the infinite sky, water, light, birds and fish, which symbolise freedom.

The 'ORIENTAL' series began in 2017, inspired by Boglárka's travels in Asia and the Middle and Far East. These paintings are about freedom, the inner happenings of the soul and the move away from Western consumer culture. They do not pass judgement, but show things or tell stories in an observational way. Both the colours, the themes and the expressions are more sensitive and lyrical than in his 'LIGHT WATER FLOWING' series. These works have a spiritual, transcendental aura and incorporate a number of important oriental symbols such as the koi, the lotus and the figures of the geisha and samurai, which embody masculine and feminine qualities.

The 'FLOATING SILK' series is linked to this trend. These works, mostly large, depicting floating, patterned silk scarves, show many repetitive motifs arranged in a spectacular array of abstractly oriented forms. In the process of creating these paintings, the emphasis for the artist is on meditative contemplation, experiencing a state of flow and dissolving the figurative world.

By her own admission, Boglárka Nagy draws from life's impressions and the depths of the self in the process of creation, seeking a connection with the transcendental. For her, painting is an inspired, spiritual, pure and creative process. Not only a vocation and self-therapy, but also a sense of mission to bring beauty and change to the world through her art. Her work represents inclusive art. She believes that art and beauty are not just a privilege for a narrow, savvy circle, but can be a part of every person's life in some form. Through her work, she inspires people to create and to exist creatively and joyfully, giving form to her inner universe and capturing life in her own unique visual painterly language.


In 2014, he was awarded the Gundel Art Prize in the category "Visual Arts".

In the same year, he participated in the KulturKontakt Austria artist-in-residence programme in Vienna.

In 2012, he was awarded the Erasmus scholarship

Solo exhibitions

2022 Bodó Gallery and Auction House, Budapest - 'Rising Sun'

2022 Pr09re55, Budapest - 'Vive La Femme' 2022 boutique exhibition

2021 Clark Hotel Budapest - 'Bon Voyage!'

2019 Ar2day Gallery - Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest - 'Sunset Boulevard'

2018 Godot Gallery, Budapest - 'Duna Espresso'

2018 Tiszavirág Szeged - 'Asia Vibes'

2017 Stanton Chase Palazzo Dorottya, Budapest - 'Haiku'

2016 Ar2day Gallery - Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest - 'Baby It's Cold Outside'

2015 Erdész Gallery, Szentendre - 'Hungarian Muses' - Boglárka Nagy and György Tóth

2014 Fonyódi Museum of Local History, Fonyód - 'Sunshine Water Air'

2014 Brody Artyard, Budapest - 'Eyes Wide Open'

2013 Art.Salon:Társalgó Gallery, Budapest - 'Master And Apprentice' - László Gyémánt and Boglárka Nagy

Group exhibitions

2022 Kunsthaus7b, Michelsberg Romania - Biennale 'Danube Contemporary 22'

2019 Sotheby's London - '20th Century Art - A Different Perspective' Auction

2019 Ar2day Gallery & Fashion Street Gallery - Deák Palota, Budapest - 'Women/Art/Fashion'

2017 LUMAS Budapest - 'Feel The Heat'

2016 Sotheby's London - '20th Century Art - A Different Perspective' Auction

2015 Ernst Fuchs Museum, Vienna - 'Phantastischer Realismus'

2014 Várkert Bazár, Budapest - 'World Heritage - Hungarian Heritage: Hungarikonok'

2014 The Austrian Federal Ministry For Education, Arts And Culture - Vienna

2013 K16 Kortárs Galéria, Vác - 'Young People in K16'

2012 Templom Gallery, Eger - Diploma Exhibition

2011, 2012 Értéktár, Vác - 'K.É.K. - Exhibition of Contemporary Values'

2011, 2012 Madách Imre Cultural Centre, Vác - 'Winter Exhibition'

2011 Calvin House, Eger

2011 Artner Palace, Sopron - 'V. National Art Students' Conference'


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