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IndustryNews and media
FoundedOctober 2021; 1 year ago (2021-10)
FounderAsif Hameed
Area served
11 locations
Key people
  • Asif Hameed
  • Hinza Asif
  • Gaurav Sharma

NFTStudio24 is an all-in-one authentic news website committed to telling powerful stories of Blockchain, NFT & Cryptocurrency in a lucid manner.[1] The platform enables the audience to distinguish between right and wrong news accompanied by sound research and a rarity ranking tool.[2][3]

NFTStudio24 also bridges the gap between startups and investors and provides investment opportunities in start-up projects in the area of blockchain. The customers can expect community updates, official collection announcements, event updates, and complete packages for promoting NFT projects on the NFTStudio24 website.[4]

The studio is also known for providing a verification badge to your NFT collection.[5][6]


NFTStudio24 was founded by Asif Hameed, an overseas Pakistani, a prominent businessman and a start-up investor living in Tokyo for 25 years now. He started this venture with the objective of eliminating the lack of transparency in the world of crypto and digital assets. He also aims to bring about digital literacy in society and help users distinguish between right and wrong news amid falsities on the internet. Hameed also intends to connect startups with investors through NFTStudio24 and make users decide on their best investments. Hameed is also the CEO of[7]

The platform caters to young and intelligent individuals trading in digital assets and who would like to stay up-to-date on cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The studio also benefits customers across various niches like technology, investment, banking, geopolitics and the media.[8]


The media appearances of the NFTStudio24 include c|net Japan, Tokushima Shimbun, Miyanichi ePress, Excite, Rakuten Infoseek news, and Outlook.[9]

The platform’s unique ranking system and statistics are supported by OpenSea, the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace.[10]


NFTStudio24 allows collection owners to promote and sell their NFT collection and art. The platform helps users track and validate their NFT transactions and present them in an authentic digital presence. A verified collection through NFTStudio24 also notifies users of who first minted, generated, and the total quantity of tokens made.[11]

The Rarity Ranking System of the NFTStudio24 provides regular updates regarding top NFTs based on the data collected from OpenSea. Through this feature, the creators can learn the current values of their digital assets and own the possibility to select the best items to invest in. The system also suggests items with the lowest volatility rates and stable growth for buyers to make the best investment for themselves.[12]

Roadmap of NFTStudio24

In 2023, NFTStudio24 aims to launch Blockchain Hackathon in Pakistan with a mission to educate youth in blockchain and AI by the means of education, mentorship, business, and employment opportunities.


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