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NFG Chibis NFT is an art project on Ethereum based non-fungible tokens.[1] It depicts Chibis as adorable, bouncy, magical beings that appear in a variety of hues and qualities. NFG Chibis have several random qualities and traits which separates each of Chibis from others in order to capture the spirit P2E.[2]

The Chibis are most easily distinguished by the way they are layered on top of one another, which gives them a distinct tier of their own. There are 8,888 NFG Chibis tokens.[3] NFG Chibis are divided into tiers based on not just their rarity, but also their distinct responsibilities in relation to the NFG guild ecology as well. As a result of its scarcity and levels, they are now often employed as a status symbol inside crypto communities.[4]


There are 8,888 NFG Chibis NFT, divided into distinct tiers of their own. Blockchain technology is being used to make all of these assets digitally rare, making them more valuable in the long run. As the metaverse continues to transform the gaming experience, not only investors are paying close attention to this sector, but there are also people seeking a solid source of income in this virtual environment. The NFG guild proudly presents Chibis, an art form that deviates from popular trends in that it has both an aesthetic edge and a vital position in the NFG environment.[5]

As the NFG Guild strives to bridge the lines between the physical and virtual realms of gaming, the Chibi NFTs serve as a bridge between the two. The members of the Chibis by NFG guild are rewarded for their participation in an existing Play to Earn guild that provides scholars and scholarships in an engaging and helpful manner. Once the information has been released, all of the characteristics will be made available for viewing.[6]

The cost of minting at the floor price is 0.08 ETH plus the cost of ETH gas.[7]


The Chibi NFTs are available on secondary marketplaces like Opensea, or people can buy from the official website ( by linking their wallets. Using a mobile wallet, users can also access their collection on the Metamask mobile wallet version. Chibis are distinguished by the fact that the artwork is one-of-a-kind and reflects an already-existing organisation: the NFG Guild.[8]

Following the debut of the NFT, the chart of Chibis rarity will be provided 48 hours after the event.

Roadmap of NFG Chibis NFT

Q3 2021: It will include the launch of NFG and community building on discord and social networks. A total of 30,000 members will be a part of discord and this phase will oversee the branding of NFG Chibis.

Q4 2021: It will include website development, collection of NFT, deployment of 1000 scholars , automated payment systems, development of initial token and first professional esports tournament.

Q1 2022: it will include the deployment of 1500 scholars, the introduction of the next roadmap, audit of tokens, listing on coinmarketcap and coingecko, and monthly payouts to nft holders.

Q2 2022: This final phase will cover reinvesting recurring monthly revenues from Chibis and scholars, growing the P2E arsenal of NFG, and focus on building partnerships with major game developers.


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