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Munazir e Islam, Maulana

Muhammad Ismail Katki
3rd President of Jamiat Ulema Odisha
Preceded by
  • Sayed Fazlur Rahman Qasmi[1], Editor of Weekly Muslim Gazette, Cuttack[2]
  • Sayed Barkatullah Barkat (1905–1979)[1][3]
Succeeded bySayed Sirajussajiddin Katki[1]
1st Ameer-e-Shari'at of Imarat-i-Shar'ia Odisha
In office
1964 – 2005
Succeeded bySayed Sirajussajiddin Katki
Rasoolpur, Sungra, Cuttack district، Bihar and Orissa, British India
Died20 February 2005(2005-02-20) (aged 91–92)
Sungra, Cuttack district, Orissa
Resting placeTo the left of Jamia Islamia Markazul Uloom's Mosque
MovementKhatme Nabuwat movement
Notable work(s)Yadgar e Yadgir, Islam e Qadiani, Zara Ghaur Karein
Alma materMadrasa Shahi
Darul Uloom Deoband
TeachersHusain Ahmad Madani
Murtaza Hasan Chandpuri
Muhammad Miyan Deobandi
Asghar Hussain Deobandi
Muhammad Shafi Deobandi
Muhammad Tayyib Qasmi

Muhammad Ismail Katki (1914 – 2005) was an Indian Islamic scholar and author. He has rendered invaluable services to the Movement for the Khatme Nabuwat in India, especially in the state of Orissa (present Odisha). He was the third president of Jamiat Ulama Odisha and the first Ameer-e-Shari'at of Imarat-e-Shar'ia Odisha. Jamia Markazul Uloom Sungra, Cuttack was founded under his rectorship at Sungra in Cuttack district of Odisha.

Early life and education

Muhammad Ismail Katki was born on 1914 in Rasoolpur, Sungra, in Cuttack district of Bihar and Orissa Province (present Odisha).[4][5] It's written that his and Ataullah Shah Bukhari's Maternal village is same.[6]

He received his early education from his paternal aunt "Seyyida Khātun".[4][7] After that, he received his education up to Hidayat an-Nahw in Madrasa Islamia, Sungra under Muhammad Umar Katki.[8]

He received his secondary education at Jamia Qasmia Madrasa Shahi in Moradabad, where his teachers included Muhammad Mian Deobandi, Muhammad Ismail Sambhali, Abdul Haq Madani and Qudratullah Qudrat.[7][8]

After studying Sharh al-Wiqāyah in Madrasa Shahi, he went to Darul Uloom Deoband and got admission there.[7][9] In 1934, he graduated in traditional dars-e-nizami studies from Darul Uloom Deoband.[10] He read Sahih al-Bukhari from Husain Ahmad Madani.[11]

He had become a successful religious argumentative during his student days. After graduating from Darul Uloom Deoband, he stayed with the great poet Murtaza Hasan Chandpuri for another six months and learned the principles of debate from him.[7][9][5]

Along with Husain Ahmad Madani and Murtaza Hasan Chandpuri, his other teachers included Muhammad Ibrahim Balyawi, Muhammad Tayyib Qasmi, Muhammad Rasool Khan Hazarvi, Muhammad Shafi Deobandi, Asghar Hussain Deobandi, Aizaz Ali Amrohi, Nabih Hasan Deobandi and Abdus Sami' Deobandi.[7][9]

He was also a reciter from the tradition of Hafs 'an Asim, he also practiced Tajwid and Qira'at from Muhammad Abdullah in Madrasa Shahi Moradabad and Abdul Wahid Deobandi at Darul Uloom Deoband.[12]


After graduating from education, Katki was first appointed as a teacher of Persian and Urdu as a Second Maulvi in Ravenshaw Collegiate School, Cuttack during the school teaching period.[13][14] Then engaged in government school work in Koraput, Odisha till 1947.[5][4]

In 1946, he became active by joining a movement for Khatme Nabuwat "Anjuman Tabligh Islam" in Odisha on the initiative of Husain Ahmad Madani.[5] In 1946, Jamia Makrazul Uloom was established under his auspices, where he engaged in teaching and correctional services.[5]

His services in the field of the Khatme Nabuwat movement are unforgettable.[15] From the time of graduation till the nineties, he gave more than ninety debates,[9] among which the debates on the rejection of Qadianism include the Bhadrak debate of 1958, the Yadgir debate of 1963[16] and the Kothagudem debate of 1988. Also the 1979 Barabati Stadium debate on rejection of Barelviyyat is worth mentioning.[5]

More than eight hundred people converted to Islam at his hands[9] and the faith of countless Muslims was strengthened by his sermons and speech and expression of truth and falsehood.[11]

Honors and positions

Katki was the first Ameer-e-Shari'at of Odisha for 41 years from 1964 till his death i.e. till 2005.[5][7] He served as the third president of Jamiat Ulama Odisha for nearly half a century till his death.[5]

In 1986, he was selected as the Vice-President of the "All India Majlis-e-Tahaffuz-e-Khatme Nubuwwat".[11][17]

In 1992, he was made a member of Majlis-e Shura (Advisory committee) of Darul Uloom Deoband and held this position for 14 years till his death in 2005.[18][15] He has also been the Provincial President of Odisha by the Rabita-E Madaris-E Islamia Arabia of Darul Uloom Deoband.[19]

He was a supporter of the Indian National Congress and remained associated with it till his late life[4] and was also active in the Indian independence movement.[4][20] He was also a member of the working committee of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind.[8]

His famous students include Sayed Sirajussajiddin Katki, Abdul Hafeez Katki and Muhammad Jalaluddin Katki.[5]

Literary works

Katki's works include:[5][16][21]

  • Yadgar e Yadgir (1965)
  • Islam e Qadiani
  • Quran e Qadiani (First Edition: 24 February 1946, Second Edition: February 2020; Which was again published by Shah Alam Gorakhpuri as a magazine with the book "Muhasaba e Qadianiyyat" published under the supervision of Allah Wasaya from the Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat, Pakistan.[22])
  • Zara Ghaur Kerein (This book contains the writings of Ismail Katki, arranged by Shah Alam Gorakhpuri.)
  • Qadiani Kahin Ki Musalman Nohanti? (In Odia language;)[5]


He died at the age of 91 or 92 on 20 February 2005 (11 Muharram 1426 AH) in Sungra, Cuttack.[5][7]


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