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Mu-he Du
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Mu-he Du (1949- ), a native of Wanli, South District, Tainan City, was registered by the Ministry of Culture in 2020 as a preserver of the important traditional craft "clay sculpture."[1]

Life story

His original name was Mu-he. However, since he was born weak and sick, his parents followed the advice of a fortune teller and chose the partial name "Yen-ei" to make up for the lack of one of the five elements "fire" in his horoscope. He is still called "Master Yen" to this day.

He was born in the "dough figurine" family. He learned crafts from his father, Ding-ren Du, when he was a child. After graduating from elementary school, he inherited the family business and sold dough figurines to earn money for his family. In 1966, he collaborated with Master Rui-yu Du to make altar archways. He used rice and flour as the base materials to design the "animal sacrifice ceremony" for folk religious offerings, which gradually expanded his reputation. Master Du introduced Yen-ei to Jin-yong Chen, a master of paper and lantern making, who provided more guidance.[2] At 23, he learned shearing and sticking from Master Shun-an Huang (a disciple of Shun-Fa Hung). Although his instruction lasted only three months, it solidified his fate with the Hong Hua sect.[3]

Master Yen is familiar with the process of clay sculpture art. The Tainan Municipal Administration of Culture Heritage once commissioned him to create a collection of Xuantian God statues and recorded more than 40 works in various temples.[4][5][6]


In 2015, he was recognized as a preserver of the traditional craft "clay sculpture" by the Tainan City Government.

In 2020, he was registered by the Ministry of Culture as a preserver of the important traditional craft, "clay sculpture."[7][8][9]


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