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Mostafa Sadek
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Born (1962-09-20) September 20, 1962 (age 61)
Shebin AlKanater, Kalyobeia, Egypt
  • Diploma in Public Health (microbiology)
  • Master Degree in Microbiology
  • Doctorate degree in Medical Microbiology
  • MBA Business administration
  • Diploma in Arts
Alma mater
  • Alexandria University
  • Military Medical Academy
  • Doctor
  • Artist

Mostafa Sadek, an Egyptian doctor and artist, born in 20 september 1962 in Shebin AlKanater, Kalyobeia, Egypt, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University 1987, Diploma in Public Health (microbiology) 1990, Master Degree in Microbiology 1992 and Doctorate degree in Medical Microbiology 1994, Military Medical Academy MBA Business administration 2018 and Diploma in Arts 2020, he is a Medical Laboratory Consultant since 2007 in Egypt and CLC Clinical Laboratory Consultant in the USA since 2018. Has may researches as regards Microbiology and Public health and he is an author for a Laboratory procedures book He loves drawing, music, writing stories, poetry, swimming, diving and motorbikes. He has many musical compositions and stories in Arabic and other languages, and one of his most famous paintings is “ Cupid world” 200 * 140 cm , and the famous paint “Heart of all of us” is 90 * 90 cm, and "The Magic diamond" 30*20 cm, that he used this diamond as his symbol. The "Cupid World" and "The Heart of Each of Us" have been deposited in the Gayer Anderson Museum among the valuable paintings and contents of the museum of the Ministry of Antiquities.[1][2]

" The pianist , where the piano player is painted in the middle of the piano body and completely inserted inside the "G music note.[3][4]

Dr. Mostafa, when he catches his canvas and his colors and begin to draw, he lives inside his painting with all his feelings that often revolve around love and delicate feelings, which gave him the nickname Mostafa Eager Heart attributed to his song the “Winds of the eager heart”, the tragic version and the happy version.[5][6] When he began to pain his diamond, he composed its special music “For a diamond” music “ Friends” and then he wrote his famous film “The Magic Diamond" and books in English language and French language le diamant magique and friends music.[7]

Then he composed "Symphony of the Secrets" and wrote a story and film “Mummy secrets" and an arabic book English

The Story Isis and Osiris in many languages ( Arabic, English, French, Italian) and film of Isis and Osiris and composed music “The moon symphony"

And the music "Life symphony” and the paint “Life"

"Samba Music” and “Samba” paint

"Family" paint and " The Family Symphony"

While his most famous composed and played musics are "Symphony of the secrets", "The moon symphony" , "Sea waves symphony", "I am for free" , "tulip tears" , "Winds of eager heart" the tragedy and the happy version while both of them have the same lyrics but different music notes and composition.

he has may famous paints such which all have very deep meanings as "Key of the secrets" , The pianist", "The four seasons", The baby doctor, The truth, The golden dream , Memories, The universe, The galaxy, Rain of gold , Something good, Black lights, Hard rock, The internal chains, Dream of a dolphine, The silent scream, The city, Ocean secrets, Love wins, Kaaba, Feelings, Flamingo , Thutmus III, Horus, Sweet home, Chances, People, Wild beauty, The other view.

Dr. Mostafa Sadek has also some published books on google book store in arabic and english languages as حروب وعيون , the eye war Isis and Ozoris , The magic diamond

He always fills his official website and social networking sites with his paintings, stories, symphonies and various musics between symphony, romantic, eastern and western, hard rock, and also with his wonderful fairy tales and books in many languages as "The eye war" arabic edition and english edition "Plutu kingdom" " Love code series" , "Laboratory procedures", "Isis and Ozoris" "The Mummy secrets". and many poem , and the famous "Watani poem" for the "Saudi National Day Number "

He considered as one of the international artists as he has many art work and music compositions with international artists as "Betty Toufar" the famous Argentinian painter "Laila" and "Mermaid guitar"

Also another cooperation with the artist "Aramon Dimova" from "Bulgharia" by her photos and his music " Happy day"

When Dr. Mostafa starts drawing a new drawing, he thinks about it very deeply as an idea, subject and colors, and he is currently working on artistic works of deep plastic art, which are paintings and new ideas, including: Freedom, Victory, Chess player, Past and present, and he works on a very large national work which will be a big surprise for all Egyptians and the whole world, and he believes that this work will be placed either in the Egyptian Museum, the Panorama or the Opera, God willing.

It is important to mention that his official website publishes the works of many stars of painters, literature and musicians from all countries of the world and in all languages, as he believes that art is a great message and is a global language and it must nourish the soul of every human, regardless of his nationality or language, and is not limited only to one language or one country, or one artist.

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