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MoonCat #10 NFT

MoonCat #10, known as the "Sotheby’s Cat," is the 11th minted MoonCat from the MoonCat Rescue NFT collection, who live on the ethereum blockchain. The NFT is the first Mooncat in history to be sold at a public auction house. MoonCat #10 was sold on October 26th, 2021 at Sotheby's auction house for $56,700USD.[1]


Minted on August 9, 2017 at 01:49:19 PM, from block 4140520 of the Ethereum blockchain, MoonCat #10's blue tabby appearance was derived from mining hash #0x007794a3f5, which determined its unique on-chain attributes. The MoonCat is displayed via an open source "DNA parser," encoded in the initial MoonCats ethereum contract.[2]

MoonCat #10 was originally minted by MerkleJerk.ETH who acquired 16 of the first 20 minted MoonCats by deconstructing the MoonCatRescue adoption website and creating one of the first-ever NFT minting scripts.[3]

MoonCats were originally distributed via free rescue (minting). Only 25,400 of the nearly 4 billion potential MoonCat versions were minted. Rescued MoonCats can only have one permanent name given to them by their owner, and that name will always be attached to the MoonCat. Mooncat #10 has never been named.[4]

MoonCat #10 Sales History

MoonCat #10 has changed wallets 5 times and currently resides in the wallet of SteponstarMuseum, address: 0xf4a68F051592E1995CEa7f77b470E58e96A81E0f

Date Seller Purchaser Price ETH/USD
August 10, 2017 MoonCatRescue MerkleJerk.eth 0.001447209282342734ETH / $2.21
August 27, 2021 MerkleJerk.eth JakeGallen.eth 32ETH / $104,827.84
October 26, 2021 Sotheby’s MoonCat2878 $56,700
November 13, 2021 MoonCat2878 JakeGallen.eth $11,340*
May 25th, 2022 JakeGallen.eth SteponStarMuseum 19 ETH+7 ETH Trade / $48,185.36
  • JakeGallen.eth reacquired MoonCat #10 from MoonCat2878 for the cost of the premium at Sotheby’s, which was 20% of the final selling price.

MoonCat #10 Auction & Sales

Sotheby’s’ first auction under the newly branded Sotheby’s Metaverse was called Natively Digital 1.2 and consisted entirely of NFTs. This auction was built on collections from influential people within the NFT space, like Paris Hilton, Steve Aoki, and Pransky.

MoonCat #10 was initially purchased by Jake Gallen for 32 ETH, which had a trading value of about $155,000 on the day of the sale. Lot #29, MoonCat #10 entered the last day of the auction much lower than the projections, which had indicated it would sell between $120,000 and $180,000 dollars. A potential buyer with the username Meowth entered the bidding during the last seconds of the auction and won for $56,700.[5]

MoonCat #10 observed the third highest sale of a non-genesis MoonCat in 2021.

Types and attributes

MoonCat’s have the unique ability to add boutique items to their NFT. Once purchased, these accessories can be displayed or removed at any moment from the MoonCats' virtual layout, However each boutique item that a MoonCat purchases becomes permanently theirs and cannot be transferred.

MoonCat #10 accessory for the Sotheby’s sale depicts the inaugural Sotheby’s Evening “Event” Auction, held in London in 1958. The background of the accessory features many silhouettes of various MoonCats with the Sotheby's emblem on top. The accessory was designed by the boutique designer Digivatar. The accessory is the first branded on-chain item displaying the Sotheby’s brand.



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