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Modern Combat Versus
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Developer(s)Gameloft Montreal
Series6th game of the Modern Combat series

Modern Combat Versus (also known as Modern Combat VS, MCV, MCVS) is an action-based online first-person shooter (FPS) video game developed by Gameloft. This is the 6th game of the Modern Combat series.


Due to the unplanned and bad decisions the world becomes uninhabitable and turned into a wasteland. Luckily, KORP built a macropolis and made the walls to keep the people safe. Anyway, half of the city is fresh and pristine, having Hi-tech. That's the Apex,The headquarter of KORP. And the other half of the city is ruined. People there started coalition to push for change. They are called 'OCTO' This two factions 'KORP' & 'OCTO' could declare a war against each other. But KORP thought, the war could destroy every facades of KORP and OCTO thought that innocent bystanders of OCTO would die of crossfires. So instead of a war, KORP and OCTO start hiring the 'Agents Of Chaos.' The agents are sent to different areas and eliminate the opposing agents. [1]

Game features

A. Modern Combat VS was made focusing on player vs player matches. The game has no campaign mode.

B. Players can play solo and join with other players in battles or can play by making a group of his/her friends. Solo match players can't be join with group players.

C. There are tournament features as well where a player or a group can play against other players/group. Some of the tournaments contain in-game prizes too. The tournament host needs to send the tournament code for a private tournament (like player vs player or clan vs clan). The tournaments can be watched by spectators too.

D. A player can join or make his own clan in order to join the group play matches. This is the thing which made the game more interesting in present times. There are a lot of quality clans around in every regions. Some clans engaged themselves to help the starter players too. [2]

E. This game is exceptional than the most other online FPS games for the different styles and abilities of each characters and top notch visuals and graphics.[3] [4]

F. The game resources can be get by playing the game but there's way to buy resources with real money too. Also, VIP passes double in game resources.

G. Various country/in game design Jerseys and weapon camos are available to suit with gamers' style.

H. Players can use gears to boost his play performance. The gears are : Accuracy, Range, Headshot,HP regen, Reload speed, Ammo, Mobility and ability recharging gears. Some valuable gears are rare to earn.

I. Competitive Division Leaderboard system exists.Division top players earn in game prizes after a season ends. Doing bad performance in every season may demote a player to lower divisions.[5]


Each player are sent to the match along with 3 other players. Thus, its a 4 vs 4 match.Arena events and competitive arena events are held according to weekly routines.[6] There are various attractive maps where the battle begins.[7] There are 4 game modes including Team Death Match, Bounty, Zone Control and War Zone. But the game begin with 2 game modes when it was released.(Zone control and after some days Bounty mode was introduced). [8] Each team gets 4 minutes 30 seconds to eliminate the opposing team. Score range is 100 and each kill gives 5 scores. The highest scorer team wins. This should be noted that, in Bounty mode, players need to steal data after a kill. If any opponent denies the data then the killer team does not get any score.

In Warzone, two teams run and capture 3 zones (A zone, B zone and C zone). A and C zone is respectively on both teams control at the beginning. Then both team go to control the opposing zone. B zone is neutral and capturing this zone gives more score. Both team gets 6 minutes and the highest scorer team wins. [9]

Zone Control is a bit harder than the other modes. Each team tries heart and soul to control only one zone. It can't be said who will win a match as when a team is winning, the other team may reach the zone and then war time increases again.


1. Blackrock : Situated in the Northern Mountains. This is the energy research station for KORP. In other words, the centre of their high technology.

2. Sandstorm : This water purification area which is situated in desert also owned by KORP. They grow fresh foods and plant via this facility.

3. Apex : This is KORP's Headquarter. This depicts the success, richness and high technology of KORP.

4. Slums : The headquarter of OCTO. KORP once tried to develop the area. But due to the lackings of security and preparation, OCTO took over the area. Additional info, Seven grew up here.

5. Port : Once the port was the centre of trade and import. But now this area is an endless war zone where OCTO and KORP tries heart and soul to takeover the place.

6. Aftermath : Aftermath used to be a sports field. People used to play various games there but once Sarge unleashed his airstrike and now that's just a ruin.[10]

Read more about Maps in Gameloft Central

Agents Of Chaos

This game has total 25 agent slots. The game started with 4 agents. They are Mi-nu, Swift, Ghost and the epic looking Lock. (Agent of speed, agent of Defiance, agent of Shadows and agent of sight). Then the number increased to 12 and at present the game has 21 agents. Players are sent to the game as 'Agents.' Every agent has different battle style and unique abilities and ultimate abilities. 4 classed agents are found in the game including Attackers, Assassins, Defenders and Specialists. The attacker agents are balanced in everything like mid level health powers and mobility (physical speed) and they deal heavy damage and thus makes the opponent vulnerable. The defender agents, who have high health powers, are engaged in defending his teammates. Assassins are given fast physical speed with high fire rate guns or shotguns which can be a nightmare for the opponents. Specialist agents are balanced with epic abilities which is very supportive for a team. [11] This also should be mentioned that the agents named 'Monark' and 'Seven' are the only sniper agents in the game.[12] 'Ronen' is the only one who uses melee weapon (katana).[13]

Agent Information

Attacker class agents : Lock, Cub, Sarge, Revolv, Blaze

Assassin class agents : Mi-Nu, Creeper, Ghost, Sw1ft, Monark

Defender class agents : Kan, Juke, Tower, Ronen,Knox

Specialist class agents : Witch, Chapka, Kult, Hashtag, Seven, Bli-P

Attacker Agents

1. Lock: Lock is named as AgentOfSight. He has the ability to look through walls or any kind of obstacles. Using a high fire rated gun (TYGR-8), later a high damaged gun (Fox Hound) and showing his attitude, he became a great choice of most of the players. He is the common agent, free to unlock for every players.

Biography in short: Lock was the surveillance specialist of KORP. But he was paid low. So he started taking bribes from OCTO. And when his fellows felt doubt on him, he became an agent.

2. Cub: Cub uses a mid ranged assault rifle and stocks missile in it. The missile can hit enemies from any distance and deals very heavy damage.

Biography In Short : He was the student of Psychology. And also fond of karaoke. Anyway, he did not want his dad to pay study fees for him. So he wanted a job and started working for OCTO. But he did not like the terrorism related works there. So he wished to leave the job. And before he leaves, he stole the experimental rocket from OCTO Headquarter. And then, he became an agent.

3. Blaze: Blaze uses a flame thrower called 'Flame-O-Matic.' His ability is to throw mutant grenades that blast and create some more mini grenades. The mini grenades damage less.

Biography in short : He was neglected and abused by his parents and had grudges on the society. He wished a job full of fun. So he equipped a flame thrower and became an agent.

4. Sarge: Sarge is an attacker agent with a strong Assault rifle that deals damage from any distance. Though the weapons are best to use in mid ranges. (Default and Bravo 8)

Biography in short: Sarge used to work for KORP. He enjoyed the work and enjoyed seeing the airstrikes by him. But this old man felt bad as he was doing this for a bad company (KORP). And when he was about to retire, he was told to take the leadership of the youngster agents (the other agents of mcvs). And then he became the agent.

5. Revolv : Revolv is an attacker agent who equipped a revolver. Deals high damage and her ability is 'Gun show' which generates high accuracy and high firing rate with infinity ammo for some moments.

Biography in short: Her father used to run a KORP nutrient paste factory. After the death of her father, she took the job of her dad. She added some useful gradients which was making the products better and the consumers were satisfied. But KORP, never wanted the consumers feel satisfied. So KORP burnt her factory. Revolv then took her father's revolvers and went to take the vengeance on KORP. She gone to the easier way of having revenge, means, she became an agent.

Assassin Agents 1. Mi-Nu: She's one of the beginning agents of MCVS. As an assassin, she has good physical speed (mobility) and a weapon with very high firing rate. But she has low health power, still she's a good agent for her ability 'Adrenaline' which regens her HP very fast.

Biography in short: She has a worse mentality of using her cuteness for brainwashing the others. And KORP took the best advantage of it. She became the spokesmodel of KORP. KORP used to lock her down in their HQ Apex. And she needed freedom. So she spent much times on training and finally left the HQ. KORP couldn't find her later. A women found her and helped her to be an agent.

2. Sw1ft(Swift): She equips a deadly shotgun with 12 ammos with a good fire rate than the other shotguns. This gun can easily blow away any defences. Her ability is 'Rewind' which takes her back where she was 3 seconds before and regens (60%) her HP and ammo. Rewind stuns opponents in her ultimate ability.

Biography in short: Her husband was a great supporter of OCTO. That's not the matter, but he used to abuse Swift. Swift always tried to run away but she couldn't. So she got herself a gun and practiced to shoot. The next day when her husband was to abuse her, she shot bullets on him. Her husband somehow saved and ran from there. KORP noticed the mess and felt that Swift can be used as a good agent as she is the one who could cross the limit. After that, she became an agent.

3. Monark: Monark is the agent who uses a sniper rifle in the game (along with Seven). His weapon is exceptional than the other sniper weapons and this needs a high IQ to shoot accurately. He is the agent with the highest attitude and elegancy. (By the way,attitude and elegancy aren't in game features).

Biography in short: An unknown source once told him to be the monarch of the macropolis. But KORP never wanted this. They sent a herd of soldiers to kill him. But Monark, who has the highest IQ and skills, eliminated the soldiers very easily. Anyway, he joined as an agent. He learnt French by himself and to follow the greatest culture, which made him unique than the other agents.

4. Ghost: Ghost is called the "AgentOfShadows." He equips a shotgun with very..very high damage but slow fire rate and reload. His ability is cloak, means, he becomes invisible for a while and then attack opponent with a knife, dealing a lot of damage.

Biography in short: Ghost grew up in the voids. Used to isolate himself in the forest,away from the humans and chaos. He practiced the silence behaviours of the animals. Once he got a job to kill a corrupt businessman. He successfully done his objective. But got caught. And somehow saved himself by his skill. He again got the chance to show his skill. But this time, with a neural cloaking device and as an agent.

5. Creeper: Creeper is an evil, calmed face assassin just like Ghost. Though Ghost has a serenity on his face, Creeper is like a half dead zombie. He teleports from place to place (ability) and shots his opponents with a high fire rate and high damage gun.

Biography in short: Creeper has no past, no story. The chaos, the darkness and the vileness inspire him. He wish a world full of creepers, who will spread sickness all around. This denotes that he follows the proverb 'A common enemy can unite even the most divided of people.'

Defender Agents 1. Kan : Kan is claimed as the most overpowered agent by some players due to his dome(and healing dome in ultimate Ability)which saves him and his teammates. He is not only a defender but also a powerful one man army.

Biography in short : Kan had a simple life in the docs with a happy family and legal earnings. But one day, his families was shot in a crossfire between KORP and OCTO. His house and play field was burnt. He failed to protect his family. This regret made him an agent. His purpose is to protect everyone and to havoc both KORP and OCTO whenever the chance comes.

2. Ronen : Ronen is the only one agent in MCVS who doesn't use any kind of bullet/poison/flame thrower. He uses a katana. His ability is to deflect enemy bullets toward them. In Ultimate Ability, deflected bullets heal Ronen. He easily can counter bullet main agents like Lock, Seven, Creeper etc.

Biography in short : Ronen was a high ranked OCTO soldier. He once met his ancestor who inspired him to use sword instead of using any other weapons. Though the traditions are forgotten nowadays but Ronen honours his ancestor. So he took a sword and became an agent.

3. Knox : Knox is an defender agent with high ammo capacity gun and his ability is to set a friendly turret that shots bullets to enemy. The turret heals if it does not take damage for a while (Ultimate ability).

Biography in short : Knox has a large family of 5 kids and a wife. So he needed another job though he runs a mechanical shop in Foundry district. And he is supportive and works for both KORP and OCTO. He serves the teams and the both team keeps his family safe. He enjoys what he is doing. He doesn't have any tragic past like the most other agents.

4. Juke : Juke is an overpowered agent for his touchdown which heals him and stun the enemies. He can be considered as the strongest defender but his ability isn't supportive for his teammates at all.

Biography in short : Since his childhood Juke was a good athlete. KORP bought him and trained him a lot to be the perfect athlete. He became the champion of the World Combat Games. But also wished to kill two guy on the opponent. This crime could lock him up in jail. Luckily, instead of going to jail he assigned himself as an agent.

5. Tower : Tower is a genius agent with defensive shield and high health power. He uses a shotgun. He has the most health power than all other agents.

Biography in short : Tower is the son of two KORP executives. This denotes his richness and perfection. He always had attraction on extreme sports. But these were not satisfying for him at all. So he signed up as an agent to join the wars.

Specialist Agents 1. Kult : Kult is an agent along with Blaze who doesn't use bullets as his common weapon. He uses a poison thrower named Venom-O-Matic which does damage and slow down his enemies. His ability is to set a venom trap(he can set two traps in his ultimate ability).

Biography in short : Kult once made a special blend on a late night to exterminate some annoying blood sucker bugs which were ruling the areas. Unfortunately, that night, his basement got raided by KORP and after a while OCTO reached there. A little war broke out there and the KORP and OCTO people stole his all stuffs. Anyway, he found Agents of Chaos team and showed them his chemical creation, some kind of green gases called 'Venom.' Overnight, he signed up as an agent.

2. Chapka : Chapka is a useful specialist agent who uses an electric shotgun. Her every shots slow down the enemy and deals very high damage. As her ability, she sets a zap trap where enemies feel a force to go to the centre of the trap and then they stuck there.

Biography in short : According to Chapka's written bio, her mother was a rough girl where her father was a very lazy one who is pretry careless. Her mother did the devastation on the blocks in charge before KORP. Chapka followed her mother. She had the attraction on agent works. She prepared herself with all the necessaries and joined the force.

3. Seven : Seven is the second sniper agent after Monark in MCVS. She uses an auto sniper rifle that shots multiple bullets on a good fire rate after locking the target. Her ability is to throw a recon dagger which reveals enemy position in an area. (Similar to Lock's ability)

Biography in short : She was a poor girl who grew up in slums, she was too poor to buy foods. At night, her little room was lit by the glow of KORP. She used to think who lives there? What are their culture? This curious went beyond the limit. She gathered gradients and made a scoped rifle. She started spying. But got caught once by KORP. Then she had only one choice to hide, and so, she requested to join the agents of chaos.

4. Hashtag : Hashtag is an agent who hacks down the enemy abilities so that they can't use their abilities. In his ultimate ability Knox's turret, Kan's dome, Kult's venom trap, Sarge's missiles and some other abilities go under his control. As an weapon, he uses a sub machine gun.

Biography in short : He had the best gaming and concentration skills in his childhood. Thus he got the attention of KORP. KORP offered him a drone and asked him if he would join. Hashtag gladly accepted the invitation but he never cared about KORP. KORP tried to terminate him. But could not. As he got the invitation of joining the agents.

5. Witch : Witch is a bit different specialist than the others. Where other specialists are science-based, she depends on spell. Using a very high firing rate weapon and a voodoo doll, she is one of the greatest agent in MCVS. Her ability is to target enemies and hit them with dirts(that her doll holds). In her ultimate Ability, opponent stuns as aftereffect.

Biography in Short : She was ignored by the boys of her area. They would not take her to games and used to say her to go home and play with dolls. Unlike the other girls, she never choiced for a handsome boy or being soft. She became an agent with the voodoo doll. Now she is an agent with a lot of doll collections.

6. Bli-P : Bli-P is an medic bot with pneumatic rifle who is engaged in healing her teammates. When she uses ability(a VII- Drone), her teammates take less damage. VII-Drone shoots at enemies in ultimate ability.

Biography in short : She was programmed by KORP. She lost her family and tried to improve herself by self programming. She helps everyone from everyside including OCTO as she is made for help.

Source for Agent Information


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